Major Patreon Revamp - Monthly short stories, all-new rewards, and more!
Hi, everyone! It's been far too long. But I can assure you now you'll be seeing a lot more of me here, as you rightfully should. I've got lots of big news, so here it goes:

Firstly, I've almost completely revamped the reward tiers! You can find all the new info under the tiers themselves. I've also edited the introduction to the Patreon itself fairly heavily, to fit with the new info (you can find the rewards list here in this post as well).

So before I talk about the new tiers, let's cover something more exciting: the new rewards.

  • Monthly Short Stories  - Every month, I will write a brand new short story and post it  exclusively for my patrons. Only much later will these short stories be  collected and self-published for purchase. I will have different themes  (and sometimes settings) for the monthly short stories based on the  collection I'm currently writing.
  • Polls - Polls in which you can help me decide what  project(s) to focus on, the topic of the next monthly short story, the  subject of the next Random Werewolf Fact, what my next major folklore research project should be, and more.
  • Upcoming Novel Previews - You will get early access to my rough drafts and working drafts of my upcoming novels as I write each chapter.
  • Send Me Writing Prompts  - Every month, you can send me a new writing prompt of your creation -  or choice, if you find one you like somewhere else - and I'll write you a  scene to fill that prompt. Can be specific or vague, like if you want a  prompt about certain characters. I will write anything set in Wulfgard, Nova Refuge, or any of my other original settings, and about any characters of your choosing. You can even go wild and ask me to put characters in settings they aren't ordinarily in. The choices is yours! (Note that the prompt fills I write  will be approximately 1k words in length or less, and I reserve the right to refuse a prompt fill and ask for a different one for whatever reason, such as subject discomfort)
  • Writing Journal -  A series of posts I make here on the Patreon including discussions on  my writing process, ideas, behind the scenes look at my characters and  their development, and more.
  • Special Thanks - Credit in a section of all my future self-published works.
  • Project Previews - See previews of my other upcoming side-projects, such as artwork, a tabletop gaming system, and custom LEGO minifigures.
  • Wulfgard Store Coupon - A monthly 10% off coupon for the official Wulfgard store.

As for the new tiers, you'll find Pup - $1, to replace the $2 tier, which gets access to the writing journal; Packmate - $5, to get a place in the special thanks of all my future works plus all previous rewards; and Mooncaller - $10, to get access to all my monthly short stories, patreon polls, plus all previous rewards.

All other tiers still exist, but the rewards they get have been slightly edited. Mostly, you just get more stuff!

And now for another announcement: the first theme for the monthly short stories. Set in Wulfgard, the short stories for the next few months will focus on the chronological monster hunts of Venator Caiden Voros. Starting with his first monster hunt very shortly after he joined the Venatori, these short stories will explore the setting and its monsters, not to mention Caiden himself, in concise, exciting tales. Once I have written several short stories of this type, up to and ending in a rewritten version of "Hunted," I will publish the collection for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords. But, as a patron, you'll get to read one of these stories each month right away, as they are written!

Expect a more in-depth announcement about these upcoming short stories in the near future, as well as patron-only polls in which you get to help me decide what monsters Caiden should face for particular months. After this first collection is published in the distant future, I will then pick (with my patrons' help and advice) a theme for my next set of short stories.

This means that all the new rewards are officially underway. I am working on the new short story for August, I will begin posting project previews very soon, as well as polls and more writing journals. Oh, and if you're a Huntmaster ($20) or higher, this means now is your first month to send me a writing prompt! You don't have to do this, of course, but I would love to fill out your prompts. I'll post them here on Patreon and, if they're Wulfgard, in my Wulfgard drabble collection on AO3.

I'm still working on getting all my sites reconnected and get all my social media going again. Expect more posts here very soon.

If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding the new rewards, please shoot me a message here (or on Discord).

I can't wait to share all this new content with you and get some more writing done!

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