Wands and Witches 0.62c Public
(Version updated!)


Here is it - the new pubic version. What's new compared to version 0.52:

- 9000 words of text

- 4 new quests, including one very large

- completion of one of the old quests

- 6 scenes with frame-by-frame animation, 4 for female player character and 2 for male player character

- Two scenes with simple animation

- Three backgrounds were completely redrawn

Also, our Parons already testing new sandbox features. Now you can try them too. 

Firstly, the choice of "Praise" topic now ends the conversation, and ALWAYS adds one point of the relationship. You will not be able to select this option if you have already discussed other topics. This is done so that you can quickly develop a relationship if you do not want to choose a lot of topics. If you don't want this, then you can play as before, hoping to get up to 3 points of the relationship instead of a guaranteed one point.

Secondly, we will limit the number of conversations during the daytime. You can talk only once in the morning on weekdays, after which the professor will require silence and begin the lesson. The same will be for the middle of the day, if you are in class. At other times, you can make three conversations, and after the third the next time will come. So you can choose, speak twice and improve your skills, or speak three times.

Thirdly, now there will be an option in some locations to support the conversation in the company. This can bring you points of relationship with everyone who is in the same location.

Links (version updated to 0.62c, fixed bug that don't allow to trigger quest 27):

PC (Windows and Linux)

Also at itch 

Best Regards,
The Team!~

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