Nothing this week, because I am moving my Dev Stuff over. ^^
As I am "documenting" the changes of my Stuff towards Kubuntu on This GT Forum Post, I have to setup my Dev Environment aswell as lots of OS related Stuff. I already got most of the Build Scripts running just fine. Just the clearing Cache Script, the Screenshot Upload Script and the Script for moving Output Jar Files to the appropriate places (Test Modpacks & Secret Download Page) are left to be done.

The last 3-4 Days the Temperature finally went down to a more bearable level. I was finally able to get some sleep after an entire Month of heatwave! In about two Weeks I will finally get the CPAP thing, I really hope it is gonna help me.

Minecraft with Bears GT6Lite Modpack runs at a somewhat smooth 20FPS on this Device. A little bit worse than what I use on my Windows Machine, but what would you expect from Intel-Integrated-Graphics. It's still more than smooth enough for me.

Symlinking the Screenshots and the Logs Folders of all my Minecraft Instances to funnel them into one singular Folder is a great thing by the way! You would need to "hack" Windows to do that properly there!

I tried switching from Eclipse to IDEA, but it has way too many Issues, lots of Lag and plenty of arsenine Design choices that make everything worse. Sure it has lots of more features, but it is not worth it for me. So instead I just started to use an updated Version of Eclipse.

So this is it for the week. Sorry that I cant really work on GT6, if my Dev Environment is kinda moving from one System to the other. The new GT Forums are doing well so far. ^^

Thank you all for your Support, and I cant wait for everything to get better soon. :3

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