August 2018 - Burn Baby Burn
First, some news! Our next post this month will not be an encounter. It will be something completely different. That's all I will say for now, keep your eyes open on August 30th. :)

The lowly fire beetle appeared in earlier editions of D&D as an alternative to rats in the tavern basement as a puny foe for 1st level characters to barely survive. I slew many in my time playing Neverwinter Nights, and I wanted to pay tribute to them with this encounter. They've been busy since then, and they've gotten a lot bigger.

Inferno beetles have distinct stats for males and females of their species, with the females possessing great strength and the ability to hurl adventurers great distances. The males are agile and can breathe fire, darting to the perfect position to roast a party of trespassers. It is the fate of monsters to be hunted, and inferno beetles are no exception. Their exoskeletons can create a powerful suit of armor, while their internal organs are used in alchemy to mix potions both defensive and offensive. Whatever the reason, someone wants these beetles dead.

As you've seen before, player and DM versions of the encounter map are provided for ease of use. Be sure to review the inferno beetle statistics in detail before running this encounter, the males in particular have a couple of complex features that you don't want to miss!

Steven Gordon - 2CGaming Team

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