thank you and notes
just want to say thank you to all those who supported me via patreons. if you interact with me online somewhere, please do mention it. because i write lots blogs and a lot people know me, but i can't remember who over a decade esp lots anonymous names.

i haven't logged in for a few months. i see a few new friends. thank you.

if you had a question i haven't answered yet, ping me again please.

i write blogs on lots topics. emacs, javascript, lots other programing stuff, some math, and also literature, music lyrics analysis, and some politics.

so, i do not know, what most of you are paying me for. i think most are interested in emacs.

so, do let me know what you like to see. I've asked a few before, it seems many's response is write whatever as you currently do.

but again, if you like to seem something specific or more in that direction, just say so.

also, in the public landscape out there, some people keeps bugging you with questions, while others benefits or pay you greatly but barely talks so that almost didn't notice.

because i write lots blogs and in diff social media, i get a lot of this huge difference. lots randomish people ask questions or debate me. i spend a hour a day for decade on that. and some, paid me i know, but didn't bother to be noticed, and takes quite some effort to try to remember who they are. i don't want this sounding stupid, but that's fact of life. i want to thank and do things more for people who paid me.

lastly, thanks again. been running patreon for a year now. get about $60 a month. That's good.

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