Dev plans for August -> September period

I decided to make the developer's plans open to everyone and will give more detailed progress reports to patrons during the month. 

First of all -  thank you all for the support! We reached the first goal for Yorna and this is great news. I'll check in with all artists to make sure they are still interested in working on the project and make a poll to pick the one you'll like the most. Vox populi at its finest.

You can expect 3 or 4 artists. Estimated time for poll's start - August 20th but the exact date will depend on artists' response speed. Please note that reaching the goal will not mean x2 art for the next update because newcomers will need time to adapt.

I already commissioned a small art piece to mark the date :) 

Let's check the lewd content next. This time "Monster Girl" poll will decide the common enemy for the next dangerous map. Yes, it will be the first zone with two enemy girls at once. As for the boss - it's a secret bu-u-ut it would be a shame not to leave a hint for you. Her codename is fluff. Big fluff :)

Aside from the usual H stuff, I want to make another interactive scene for the mansion and will start drafting it on Monday. There 2 possible outcomes. 1 - The scene will be ready with some frames pending for the next month (like the first BJ scene). 2 - It will be ready with all the content. I'll make its status clear on the release date to avoid possible confusion.

Don't worry, I remember about adding lewd sounds to "maid job" scenes. Both of them.

You can expect more cutscenes with monster girls in Ada's castle. They help to flesh their character more and give the game a bit more background.

Aside from the number of cutscenes, I'll work on their quality too. Synching big dialogue sprites to portraits and creating unique sprites sound like a nice start. 

The recursive content research ended up with mixed results. While the repeatable dungeon system is alive, I find the results unsatisfactory. This feature will need more time for a proper introduction into the game or perhaps even setting aside as a major feature for goal 2. Don't want to waste too much time in this niche.

Adding new equipment slots for add was a pain in the last month. Most easy options to achieve this brought problems like save file incompatibility between versions. Totally unacceptable. Though I think the currently developed solution will fix this. If all goes well, I'll add equip slots as upgrades.

That's it. Stay tuned for updates, polls and previews. I plan to ship Yorna v0.2.5 September 14th to be on the safe side.

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