H.E.R. relaunched!!

I began the website HomeEducationResources.com back in January 2005 as my thesis project for college and the primary reason for my continuing education (I went on to get a Master's degree in Information Systems Management and wrote a short book about the then-NEW concept of Automated Delivery of Digital Products, lol).

H.E.R. was my only website until October 2012 when my web host and software developer in Europe decided to retire.  I restarted the site from scratch -- this time as six different PreK-12 websites, and this time on a WordPress platform.

Convinced by the "experts" that I needed to establish a "professional" image using a purchased WordPress theme (a website designed by someone else who thinks highly enough of their skills to charge money for their design), I REALLY shot myself in the foot!  Up until that time, I had coded all my own pages from scratch using HTML in MS Notepad.  Now I was using someone else's design code, and mounting the learning curve of WordPress (which now of course caters to DIY non-programmers).

Since I was quite poor, I only purchased a "professional" theme (design code) for my ONE main website -- H.E.R. -- not the other two dozen sites I eventually started.  For the last 4+ years I have suffered with residual code hidden somewhere within the backend of that ONE website, like stinky little critter corpses left behind after I "swept clean" the site and disposed of that horrid code!  

Literally every time I've gone to the H.E.R. site in the last several years -- not as a visitor on the front end like you might, but as a publisher/designer/coder/business owner on the backend -- I HATED IT!!!  It was ugly and things didn't work.  Just deleting the design I had paid good money for did NOT solve anything, in fact it made things WORSE!

Fastforward to now, the beginning of the 2018-9 school year, and after trying everything I could think of to fix the problem with the H.E.R. site (including wasting MORE good money getting other people to try), I have deleted everything off the site, all its associated files and database... and done a fresh install of WordPress -- rather like the "OS" (Operating System) for the site, so it was like doing a fresh Windows Installation on your PC.  

Yeah, you get the picture.  BOOM!  Everything gone, fresh CLEAN SLATE.

Nice, but... WHERE do I START? right?  Pick something and...

So now I am back to adding to H.E.R. almost daily again, including creating new updated visuals and using 5 simplified categories:

Featured Posts  (including "Today's FREEBIE!")

H.E.R. Printables  (200+ oldies, plus NEW ones!!)

H.E.R. Interactives  (Yes, I'm making digital games now!)

Topics  (like "numbers to 100" or "r-controlled vowels")

Offsite Resources  (the most excellent educational resources)

I have a great many plans and hopes and dreams for my original site, now that I can finally work on it again.  We will see what I can create with the Creator in the coming weeks, months, and years.  Stay tuned!!

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