Okasare Miki-Chan to Hentai Ojisan English Patch v1.00
Got a little news to talk about today and a new translation too.

First the translation. Similar to the game I did at the beginning of the year before joining Kagura Games, KiriMomi, this is a short doujin visual novel. This time it's of Miki Hosokawa from Jigoku Sensei Nube. (RJ072636 on DLsite if you want to check it out, and as usual I've made a thread on ULMF as well.) Just drag the patch.xp3 file into the game folder and it'll do its thing. You may recognize the circle who did this game because they've also done some RPG Maker games like Sacred Princess and Married Warrior Emma. Incidentally, DLsite is having a sale and I think this game and many others will be 50% off there for the next month.

Now let's talk about the news and how this translation plays into it.

It's been decided that I'll be working with Kagura Games full-time now. We'll be bringing a lot of awesome games to the west that I'm really excited to work on. But what that does mean, however, is that I have a lot less time to spend on translations that aren't work-related.

The story behind this game's translation, then, is that I've been working on it in my free time for a while now. A couple hours here, a couple hours there. I kind of used it as a test to see what it would be like if I wanted to continue translating games on the side in addition to what I do with Kagura Games.

In light of all this, for the last month I've been thinking pretty heavily about closing my Patreon. I think I'm going to keep it open, though, as a hub for my smaller projects like this and to maintain a more direct line of communication with you all. Just know that I won't starve to death or anything now, so don't feel obligated to be my patron or anything. :P I'm still very thankful should you decide to, though.

The elephant in the room, I guess, is Lulu Farea 2. Can I translate a game that large as a mere side-project? I honestly don't know. But I'm going to try, because it deserves it. I can't promise I'll even have it finished before 2020 or that at times I won't need to take a break from it, but I hope that you'll all be able to play it in English one day.

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