The 209 Team - The Overview [Archive]
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===NOV 15, 2016===

An SFM Mini-Series inspired by and loosely based on "The Bourne Trilogy."

After 5 months of production, The Overview for "The 209 Team" has finally been completed! Unfortunately, we have finally reached the point where "The 209 Team" can no longer be in production due to the lack of resources and materials. That is what this overview video is here to do. To let everyone know, I need help with "The 209 Team."

This Overview includes a "demo" for The 209 Team to give the viewers (you guys) the idea of how the new version would look like. Obviously, once all the resources are gathered, the final product may look different. The demo features Wubcake as "Sunset Shimmer", so please do check her channel out here! :)  

In terms of resources, I'm currently looking for 3D Modelers and voice actors. 3D Modelers are needed for giving our main characters a new appearence, early 2000's technology, etc. Voice roles for Mario, Sonic, and our CIA antagonists, Mark Lewis, and David Wilson are open at the moment. As well as roles for european civilians. If you would like to be part of this project, please do send me an email at "[email protected]", regarding wanting to be in The 209 Team production!

If you're not a 3D modeler or voice actor but would still like to support this project, share this video on facebook, twitter, or whatever you use so others can get the message! Your support would mean a whole lot to me! :)

While I wait in the meantime, I'll be in the works of other projects in the meantime.  I hope you'll enjoy the overview and I'll be looking forward in meeting with you guys to help me out! :)

This is your boy, MarioTee, signing out! Peace! ^^

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