Amaranthine Unlocked!
So what is Amaranthine Unlocked, and why are we on Patreon instead of on the author blog? 

To put it simply, the Amaranthine Unlocked posts are more character driven - and more about what YOU want to see. Do you want character interviews? Notes on characters' pasts? Alternate POV scenes? Alternate Universe snippets? You tell me, and we'll do it! The Unlocked posts will always be free to everyone, so you don't need to be a patron to read them. Right now you don't even need to be a patron to make requests, though that might change in the future.

But, why are we on Patreon instead of my author blog? Couldn't I just post this stuff there? 

Technically, yes. But with all the new privacy policies and notification standards, it's hard to alert people about blog posts, anymore. Plus, the author blog, while fun, is more about marketing. You won't see advertisements for new books here, nor will you see promotions, or notifications about sales, or anything like that. This is pure fun, no promotion included. (Though  Patrons will get an alert post that the new stories have been mailed to them) 

So how do you get notifications of posts here? You have two options. One, you can become a follower for free and get the Unlocked posts, or, two, you can become a patron. I only have two levels - at the 1$ a month level you get all short stories sent directly to you (or your kindle) and you get included on the thank you pages of everything I publish while you're a patron. At the 5$ level you get those perks, PLUS you get to read everything I write as I write it. Well, not the minute I write it, but each night (that I write, I don't do it every day) I'll log on and post whatever I've done, in a patron only post. Some days it might be a lot. Other days there will be nothing. That's how it works.

As to what I am going to be writing: I have two more short stories and then the Executioners Collection(s) will be complete. After that I'll start working on Micah's road trip story (it's going to be a lot of fun). I may also do other supplemental shorts here and there, maybe for anthologies, or for holidays, or whatever. 

So, tell me what you want to see here, and let's have some fun!