September 2018 - Titan's Bones
Everyone knows that ancient ruins hold powerful magic items, dangerous curses, and plenty of monsters. What about old bones? This encounter takes the party to the corpse of ancient titan, its bones laced with raw adamantine. Local drakes have fed upon the bones, and over generations adapted their own biology to incorporate adamantine as well. It's a great opportunity for a tough fight with precious loot at the end. Just make sure you finish off the drakes, they get much more dangerous when wounded.

There's a lot of vertical movement in this encounter with climbing drakes and tall pillars (aka the titan's ribs), and the bulkier adamantine drakes have a special trait that creates shockwaves when they leap down from great heights. Victory means a chance to make adamantine weapons and armor, or just sell it all for a big payday!

Player and DM maps are attached, as is the encounter. Enjoy!

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