November 2018 - Lightning Strikes Twice
Welcome to the next encounter in our "hazardous terrain" series! This one focuses on a large-scale terrain effect: a thunderstorm. Two massive thunderquills (think porcupines that are metal, both in temperament and physical material) channel the lightning from the storm to power up their already mighty breath weapons and launch quills that act as lightning rods, spreading the electricity around.

The party can seek shelter near a trio of shielding stones, magical rocks that project an aura of lightning resistance. Just be careful, if they absorb too much lightning they'll detonate in a thunderous boom. Adventurers should also try to avoid getting grappled by a thunderquill, they've been know to skewer adventurers on their quills, hoisting them high overhead and making them a tempting target for lightning strikes.

DM and player versions of the map are attached, though there's not much difference, and the encounter is there as well. Enjoy! 

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