Sagre, Chapter 3
1024 DCTR Gradually the days went by and with them, the weeks and these months and finally, came the day of the tenth anniversary of Sagre and Megrez, the iris tradition is to ask the children they want as a gift the day meeting the years, it was clear Megrez wanted as tall as he ax, 140 cm, which could almost be considered a halberd with broadleaf for a member of the Konei race, so Phenatos accepted Díadra and give it away, Father chose to gift a little more personal and chose to make this ax the same, selected the most resistant, tough and flexible wood and seeking the most flexible, tenacious and hard metal, metal found that met their requirements was the leng and the wood was tree sunset to finish beautify the weapon gemstones embedded in the sheet. He gave Megrez liked very much, not only because it was what I wanted, but for the sentimental value that added the effort invested by his father in making this ax. But Sagre was not so clear your gift, I did not know you could ask for and took several days to come up with something, his mother gave him the idea to remind you how good it happened years ago playing with those children, and that perhaps he would like see Zalhón, so did not think twice, he asked permission to his parents and went to FHIS. Upon arrival found a lot bigger than it was seven years ago people, households had increased considerably and therefore its population, now FHIS was a great hive of life and an important point of trade, the most important export FHIS was water, spring immense formed for centuries under the earth was, apart from an important resource, the main attraction of traders, although geographically it also served to appease a parched desert that stretched west of the city, between brown mountains and mostly formed eroded shale. He searched the house of Zalhón, to reach it knocked, waited and got no response, he called again and hopefully another while longer, but still did not get an answer, a neighbor saw him standing in front of the door. —Who are you looking young? — Asked the woman —My friend Zalhón —answered Sagre. — Well I think you have gone all to visit the city of Andrej —said the woman. — Oh, do you know how I can get there? — Asked Sagre. —Of course boy, you just have to go to the square and ask for the destinies of the carriages, I think for someone your age is free —said the woman. —Thank you, Madam — replied Sagre. And with that he walked to where she had been told that woman, he soon arrived, many people gathered here around transport, some falling and others rose, the young man noticed carriages were some booths wood with two large round wheels for a one on each side of the cabin, in this they had practiced a round cuts as windows, two on each side and one in front and one behind, not to give the effect of cutting accidental in the wood every window was reinforced with a circular frame, which also acted as a decorative element. What caught the attention of Sagre was what made these wooden cabins to move from the front of these protruded a kind of harness, tied to these animals had a rounded head, brownish eyes and placed under his front, just no nose, instead, a slightly protruding line with two holes for nostrils, thick and fleshy lips, large and protruding lower than the upper. Powerful and muscular neck and trunk, with shaggy hair in cream color. Loin, where he sees the column marked on the skin, leaving the limbs, four on each side grouped in pairs. The two pairs of arms have much muscle and hair and hands are protected with metal gauntlets outside and padded inside, because the animal walks with his knuckles, the two pairs of legs have thigh highly developed, and feet also protected but with flexible soles wedge, which give added traction. Inside the mouth had a stuck piece of metal, the ends of this piece out two straps, which were worn by a person sitting on top of the cab roof. Sagre went to see one of these animals up close —What's wrong boy? —asked the driver —. You've never seen a wedis? Sagre shook his head. —Well, then surely you've never been on one of these transports, Am I wrong? —ask the driver. Sagre shook his head again. —I see you're a very quiet guy, but I hope you can answer a question, were you watching the animals out of curiosity or you want to go somewhere? —Asked the man. —The truth is that I would go to the city of Andrej — Sagre said. —Well, well, well, if you're a lucky guy —told the driver —, it happens that this carriage is directed precisely doing there and going out in no time, so hurry up and up if you want to stay ground, do not worry about the price, children free. And as Sagre had climbed the driver rang the bell indicating the output of transport, once inside could see the people who would be his company during the journey, three koneis, who sat in the seats to the left of the door, were a man, a woman and a little girl, a family. On the right side sat a man of yrteda middle—aged and yrteda younger carrying books and scrolls, the oldest yrteda amused looking at some jewelry she wore in a leather bag, put them against the light and watched its brightness and light to pass through it Young iris went to sit beside the yrtedas. —Do not approach thief —cried the yrteda —. Leave in peace my jewelry, thug, go sit with the dross that is where you need to be. Young yrteda laughed at the surprised face Sagre, which looked was the koneis. —Come go and sit with us — said the women with gentle voice —. Here we fit four, do not pay attention to that yrteda, I'm sure you're not a thief, you don't look like bad person. And the road continued between questions and conversations, when the Konei man asked by parents Sagre was silent, seeing only marriage interpreted that her parents had died and that the girl was an orphan who wandered the world, saw quite thin so they also thought I should go hungry. More or less halfway, before entering the forest, there was an inn where they decided to stop for lunch, everyone got to eat except Sagre. —Get down boy, it's time to eat —said the driver. —I have no money —answered Sagre. —Well, that's a problem — sentenced the driver. —Don't worry — said the Konei —, we will pay for your food. Young iris thanked the food that was offered and accepted with pleasure, while waiting for food the greatest of yrtedas was devoted to teaching the young of their own race a few simple spells, it were addressed to him as "ward", so Sagre concluded that it was a sort of apprentice, after eating, resumed their march, they all got into the carriage and followed the path that into the woods, to save travel time, the road not far into the woods , just a few meters and the forest gave way to a broad plain bright green color, although in some areas out of the woods was farther than another trail through the forest was well done, the trees did not grow in any of points dirt road and between nobles and merchants were responsible for keeping clean walkable and thieves and attackers, and well accidents occur rarely. But fate would have it, when carried two hour trip into the forest the driver had to stop because of a large fallen tree blocking the road, the driver fell to the ground and then was surrounded by people of various races gun in hand you ordered to remain still, some carrying daggers or swords and others, who remained in more remote, carrying bows, the group total consisted of six attackers One of the assailants shouted for travelers to go outside the Konei looked at Sagre —Stay inside and attempts to silence — he said —. If you do not see you will not do anything. So saying Konei down the family and yrteda, thieves soon began to take their belongings, leaving only the clothes on their backs, checked luggage and took anything with a minimum value —Say to me dog — said one of the thieves contact the Konei —, anyone's remains inside? —No, not one left —the man replied. —Yes, yes it is — said the oldest of yrtedas as he watched helplessly as a thief fingering her beloved jewels —. There is a human child inside. The thief who had asked the question looked at yrteda and then to Konei, and ordered another of the robbers peek inside this obeyed and saw Sagre sitting inside with a fairly quiet countenance. —There is a child as he said the pig —said the thief who had seen the young man. —Then take him out —ordered the thief —. And as for you ... — said as he walked toward the Konei man. And raising his sword he made a cut to Konei from the right shoulder to the left leg, through the heart, which was damaged to the passage of the blade, the Konei fell to the ground face down, landing in a pool of his own blood, would soon die anta the terrified eyes of his wife and daughter, who wept disconsolately over Konei. —I'm afraid child going to have to go in there or I'll force you out by force — said the thief had discovered Sagre. —I have nothing of value — answered Sagre. — The most valuable thing I have now in my hands brat is your life, so get before you decide you do not deserve the privilege to continue to possess that good. The iris went outside and watched the scene, on the left the wounded dying Konei died, his wife and daughters crying to his right a young scared yrteda before the bloody scene and an adult yrteda with a smile of malice in her face and looking staring at Sagre. —Here we're done — said one of the robbers —. Gather all we've got, also the human child, we took him and we can sell it somewhere. And the thief who had taken the vehicle Sagre grabbed her wrist and tried to pull him, but the young and did not move an inch, much as the thief throw it, he released the young departed from him a little. —As I said before I have your life in my hands and now decided to keep her going. And he struck Sagre with his sword in the head, but instead of hurt caused on the site where the edge touched the youth's head appeared a film of iridescent colors swirled as if a soap bubble would cover the child, the path hand bandit ran its course, which cannot be said of the sword, which broke into pieces that were ejected, the thief not how much of this resulted until you tube handle of the sword height thigh, stunned looked at Sagre, who returned a look full of anger, the largest yrteda who had witnessed the whole scene and craved a different and more fatal to Sagre end could not contain himself and approached the young man, he used a spell dissipation Magic, which nullified all spells that have active a person at that time. —I don't know how but this unfortunate that someone has managed to protect him with magic, because surely be worth a moron, now should not be a problem later kill him —said the yrteda Before anyone could react Sagre extended its silver wings, in doing so everybody will go noticed a panic tried to flee, but no one could move, and were petrified of terror. —What kind of creature are you that not only allow them to do harm to a child but above helps them to do so thick that Iria be lenient with you, since I will not be —said Sagre with a deep voice and reverb. And suddenly, the yrteda magician burst into a thin, short noise becoming a cloud of dust, which was driven by a timely coming breeze from who knows where, to witness this the robbers fled in haste into the forest, fear disappeared for other people, causing them to remain in the clear, looking curiously Young iris, seized with a strange sense of peace and well being. Sagre approached the dying Konei, put his hand over the wound, without touching the skin directly, just above the heart in his hand a light green sphere, inside her white specks moving was formed, the sphere dropwise over the wound fell apart and covered in full and suddenly began to shine in a white tone, soon began to fade and as he did he was revealing that green liquid stranger splashed white had become new flesh without scars or any difference with the original meat, just cut it showed in the Konei torn garments, which Sagre helped her up, his wife and daughter embraced excited and tears of joy to koeni, young yrteda and the driver watched the scene softened. Sagre folded its wings forward, so that he could reach with hands easily and ripped Five Feathers, all the feathers of his wings fell off, flying in the wind and disappeared emitting a flash of silver and becoming smaller each time, he took one of the Five Feathers who remained in his hand and gave it to the girl Konei, within four months did the same with his mother, his father, with the driver and the yrteda. —I'm going to make a gift, will allow you to cheat death once, only one, you cannot give it to anyone or no man can take it away, soon disappears, but does not mean that ye lost, continue guarding your life you I assure you. So saying, he blinked in his room and began to mourn with cries of anguish, his parents soon bilnks beside her, hugged her mother Sagre with all the force at his disposal. —I ... I ... I ... kill ... kill ... killed ... to ... to ... a ... a ... per ... perso ... person. He said while crying because he stuttered, and Díadra Phenatos looked, then she grabbed Sagre soil and let this be embrace her bust, she walked to the bed of the young and both put on their clothes, then started Díadra sing a lullaby to calm, gradually subsided and prey depletion fell asleep —I think it's better to stay with him until he wakes up —said Díadra —Could you take care of watching Megrez? —Of course, honey —said Phenatos as he kissed his wife —I'll handle it, I hope it does not affect too much to Sagre. He walked slowly out of the room and closed the door carefully to make no noise, as he descended the stairs he thought the first time I killed one person and the horror and disgust he felt about himself and wished Sagre could soon overtake those feelings.