I teased this hair in a tutorial from July, watch that here. This hair will have more versions in the future but because of the start of college I wasn't able to finish all 3 at once :( made some flowers to make up for that though :D
  • BGC
  • 18 EA Colors
  • Hat Compatible
  • Recolors Allowed(Don’t include the mesh)
  • Recolored in @dustflwr Anathema Palette
  • Custom Thumbnails for all the files
  • You can find the flowers in Hats but if it will not come off of your sim you may need to remove earrings using the X all category of them (not sure what is causing this problem but remaking the .package didn't fix it)


►This hair will be posted on my tumblr on 9/30/2018, however if you pledge $1 you will be able to download this today.