-The New York Times is hiring social media editors. NYT also has lots of other openings, including for a reporter, copy editor, and a few positions on their video team.

-Believer is looking for a new reviews editor to join the team. The part-time editor will “oversee reviews and cultural coverage in the print magazine.”  

-The Associated Press is looking for a politics writer in Washington, D.C. who will cover the 2018 midterms and 2020 presidential elections. Must be willing to work any shift. 

-Cosmopolitan.com is hiring an entertainment editor with at least 3 years experience to oversee coverage of celebrity and culture, movies, TV, music, and books. 

-The New York Post is hiring a features writer with a “strong reporting and storytelling background” and “a stylish way with words.” 

-CNN Business has a few openings, including for a news editor, a senior tech writer and a (not-senior?) tech writer.

-VICE.com is hiring a weekend editor based in either LA or Brooklyn, with 1-2 years experience.

-And VICE’s Noisey is hiring a social editor to manage all of Noisey’s social platforms.

-The Wall Street Journal has a lot of openings right now, including for a news assistant, breaking news reporter, pharmaceuticals reporter, and electricity and renewables reporter.

-Huffington Post has a few openings, including for an associate trends reporter, front page editors in SF and NYC, and a visuals editor.

-WIRED is hiring a social media coordinator in NYC who will manage social accounts in the morning before the SF team reports in.

-Vulture is hiring two new associate editors to cover music and news, respectively.  

-Splinter is still hiring two full-time staff writers, can be remote. 

-LATimes still has lots of job openings, including LAPD reporter, investigative reporters, and correspondents.  

-Bustle is hiring a part-time, remote fashion and beauty writer

-Adweek is hiring a tech reporter to “cover ad tech’s role in the media landscape.” Email clips and a resume to:  [email protected]

-BuzzFeed is hiring a managing editor for its new Reviews site. 

-Onion, Inc. is hiring a social media manager to work with The Onion/AV Club/ClickHole team in Chicago. 

-From SHer Billy Brennan: 

"Any POC and queer/trans fact-checkers out there looking for full-time staff checking work? I'm a former staff checker at The Atlantic and know of two openings there (with salary, benefits, and awesome colleagues/boss) and would like to help you get your resume in the mix. One job is for a print mag checker and the other for a checker who will primarily work on web pieces (the digital checking job is the mag's first dedicated checking position for the website).

Both jobs are DC-based but I think there's potential openness to NY-based/remote work, at least for the print position -- but possibly for the web one too. Prior checking experience required (ideally a couple years doing rigorous, magazine-style checking) but if you've got any level of checking experience (whether for print, web, books) and are interested -- or know someone who might be -- please email me: [email protected]"


-Dani Kwateng-Clark is a new editor at Broadly covering lifestyle and culture, which includes everything from sex/relationships to entertainment, and is looking for pitches. Email: [email protected]

-Slate is looking for freelance pitches about “parenting and family products.” Email: [email protected] 

-HuffPost is looking for pitches from a “Catholic who is leaving the Church due to the recent news about the massive sex abuse charges in Pennsylvania.” Email: [email protected] 

-Broadly’s erotic awakenings column “YOU MAKE ME WANNA” is looking for stories from women and non-binary people about pop culture that “helped awaken your adolescent sexuality.” Email: [email protected]

-The Tempest is looking for pitches about “current pop culture such as shows, movies, books, memes. We are really looking for takes from other cultures if possible or anything exciting happening in entertainment all over the world.” Email: [email protected] 

-Nicole Chung at Catapult is looking for nonfiction and fiction pitches. Email: [email protected] 

-The NYT service section, Smarter Living, is looking for pitches. Email: [email protected] 

-Evette Dionne is looking for #ToAlltheBoysIveLovedBefore pitches for Bitch Media. Email:  [email protected] 

-Meritt K is now the managing editor for Watch VRV editorial content, and is looking for fandom stories, event experiences, personal essays, media analysis — ”the weirder the better.” Email: [email protected] 

-Sojourners is looking for pitches about faith and social justice for its online publication. Email: [email protected]

-California Sunday is looking for writers to work on a special project: “We're looking to shadow several peoples' first and last days in the United States. Know of someone arriving or leaving who has an interesting story?” Email: [email protected] 5

-Jonah Ogles is a new editor at Atavist. Send pitches to: [email protected] 

-Allure is looking for wellness pitches related to sex and relationships, body image, identity, and more. Email: [email protected] 

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