As we have been financially struggling - badly - over the past month and are still two large bills short despite every bit of selling and borrowing we've done (not to mention that Patreon money is basically paying our rent and then we struggle the rest of the month to earn the money to do the packing), I basically have $85 to my name right now, three days left to finish packing Patreon packages, and have run out of our little red pouches. So.

I am basically going to be printing out and shipping Patreon packages over the next three days with whatever the tier covers and bonuses as usual. However, any items purchased that were on hold to ship with Patreon packages for free will remain on hold, as I literally can't afford to send them.

Further, anyone who hasn't had dice shipped yet, will receive dice in one of my organza storage bags instead of the standard red cloth bags I usually send.

I understand that this isn't going to make anyone happy, and will doubtless anger a few people, and I'm sorry, but this is the best I can do to ensure that at least everyone receives the basic things they paid in for at the start of this month, shipped within the month of August.

If you happen to like the organza bags better, please tell me as while they're a bit more expensive, they can hold many more dice and items to keep them from being loose in the package.

I have an Owed board within my Patreon record showing what I owe to whom; if you want to doublecheck with me and remind me that you're expecting something that doesn't arrive in your package, please send me a Patreon message or Discord message and we'll go over it and make sure it's marked properly.

I am trying to get welfare, disability or anything so that I'm not living day to day and basically surviving on desperation measures, but as you may know, that may take years at this point, if it ever happens at all. The best I can do is to make sure people get what they paid for, as soon as I can do so.

If you happen to be here from Roll 4 It Dice, I'd like to apologize for packages being behind schedule; I am doing my best to ship things out as soon as I can, and am falling farther and farther behind as finances make things more and more difficult, or because I am making simple mistakes in order processing. I will always make good eventually, I just don't have the money or the means to make things work as well as I would like. If you wish to cancel an order that hasn't shipped yet, I understand, although I may be slow in refunding as I literally have nothing to refund with.

-- Austin Cushing