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Welcome to the Awkward Club!
You'll have access to my activity feed here on Patreon where we'll have discussions, I'll post updates and pictures (possibly of my cat), and we'll brainstorm ideas for the future of Captain Awkward!

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Buy me a cup of coffee!
I'll share some of my other writings and projects with you, “behind-the-scenes” info of what I'm working on. All previous rewards!
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Live Chats
These are always my favorite Advice Columnist features to read, and I'd like to start doing them once a month using Twitter to generate short questions. Patreon contributors get early access to the monthly hashtag which means first crack at getting your short question answered. 
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You be the advice columnist! Each month I'll post a previously unpublished letter here at Patreon, and select the best advice you have to give to publish on the blog. All previous rewards!
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I can't even imagine what sort of super-generous person you must be. Thank you! I'll spend an hour chatting with you as a group each month in a special Awkward Hangout. We can talk about life, the universe, anything. All previous rewards!
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