Artificial light at night: effects on breast & prostate cancer
There is now substantial evidence that exposure to artificial light at night (ALAN) increases the risk of breast and prostate cancer (Moore-Ede, 2018).

MOA of ALAN: circadian disruption & phase shifting, melatonin-suppression, and accelerated unsuppressed tumor growth.

Sunlight during the day is protective. Artificial light at night is harmful.

ALAN-induced melatonin-suppression and circadian disruption increases the risk for certain endocrine-sensitive cancers. While this is most blatantly manifested in shift-workers, it also holds for people who sleep with the lights on and those exposed to, for example, street lamps shining light through bedroom windows at night.

50% increased risk of breast cancer in female shift workers. Up to 200% increased risk prostate cancer in male shift workers.

Interesting: there are many different types of blindness -- in some, light is still detected and their circadian rhythms aren't totally bollixed. In cases of total blindness, there are lower rates of these cancers. INTERESTING. These cancer risks inversely track with visual impairment. THE BETTER YOUR EYESIGHT, THE WORSE ALAN IS FOR YOU. [sorry for all the caps]. Eyesight declines with age. This means the absolute worst thing for your children is to be playing on iPads and smart devices at night. Their eyesight is better than yours. It's worse for them.

Animal study: inject breast cancer cells into a mouse. Expose it to ALAN and the cancer growth is accelerated. This effect can be reversed by infusing blood taken at night from someone from someone who wasn't exposed to ALAN but not from someone who was. INTERESTING.

If street lamps light up your bedroom at night, get good curtains. Moonlight is OK. If our ancestors needed a bonfire to keep the predators at bay, that was OK too. We need hot blue blockers & blue light filters because our context is very different.

Good eyesight was great for our ancestors -- could spot prey in the forest from far away, could see predators from far away, etc. But now it makes us more susceptible to ALAN. Will humans evolve poorer eyesight to reduce susceptibility to ALAN-cancer? Damn.

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