"Adventures In Amity: Tales From The JAWS Ride"
You might recall me mentioning, earlier on tour, that I'd done some interviews with author Dustin McNeill for his book "Adventures In Amity: Tales From The JAWS Ride."  As a member of the opening ride crew for version 2 of the attraction in 1993, I have lots of rare video footage and some juicy stories about my time there.

Talking with Dustin was great fun and the book is now available through his website: https://www.talesfromthejawsride.com/ - the video promo for the book, posted on his page, features some of my footage from back in the day and you can watch it above.

Working as a JAWS skipper at Universal Studios Florida (now called the Universal Orlando Resort) was one of the more fun pre-music career jobs that I've had and I'm looking forward to receiving my copy of the book!