Glamour 0.6 change log (updated)
This time we spent a lot of time on gameplay mechanics, but we haven't forgotten about new content either.

Quest log

Many players were getting stuck every once in a while and were confused about where they were supposed to go. Last month we cobbled together a walkthrough as a temporary band aid, but it's not a very convenient solution, so we implemented a quest log in 0.6.

Good news is you don't have to start a new game, quest log will look through your save file and show you relevant information.

Quest log has 7 big quests, some of which have dozens of steps. We'll add another quest about Lisa and Vicky in the next couple of days. Quest in a quest log, I mean, and not, like, completely new quest :)


Flirting is now a functional gameplay mechanic, which affects relationship and affection to the main character. You unlock it in the process of Candy quest.

You can also get 4 different active and one passive trick. You can get more information in the quest log, flirting is also one of the quests.

Dates in the cafe

Now you can invite almost all (not Oscar or Angela) classmates in the cafe. During the date you can try and guess their favorite order. If you guess right, you'll get a small relationship bonus. Character's profile will show the favorite order after you guess it correctly.

You can pay the whole bill, split it or pay nothing. It will affect relationship and NPC's desire to repeat the date in the future.

Kate isn't the only one who can ask people on dates, classmates might invite Kate too. Not only it's a great way to improve relationships, you can also learn more about them. Some characters have several unique dialogs.


You can finally do the homework you were promised in 0.5! Having a laptop will speed up the process of doing your homework.

Now you can ask your classmates about copying their homework if you didn't do it on time. You need good relationship or attraction level. You can improve those with dates, among other ways. Other classmates might come to you between lessons and ask permission to copy your homework. 

Since every day has two classes, you can learn who didn't do the homework on the first lesson and then let them copy your homework on a break between first and second lesson.


When you start a new game or load your old safe file for the first time, all characters will get a whole bunch of new parameters. You'll be able to see most of them on the profile page. Some of them are hidden at the start of the game and you need to know the character better to learn about, say, their favorite order in the cafe. The game also has academic performance now.

The game also has arousal. The parameter will increase when Kate watches erotica on TV and will affect flirting.

New shops

The game has two new locations: electronics store and grocery store. Soon you'll be able to buy goods in them.

Flirting and communication skills

This skills are finally in the game and are accounted for in many places in the game (flirting, dates, accepting/declining your invitation on a date, reaction to you asking to copy their homework). More on communication skill later.


Now, if Kate knows the mall location (she learns it when she talks to Julia about morning runs. And yes, we fixed that bug), you can go to the electronics store and pick a laptop. You can decide which one you like. There's even a consultant to help you with making the decision (some of you might recognize him, by the way).

Update: Laptop is now more than just a speed-up-homework buff. 0.7 will have college website, where you'll be able to see current rules, members of committee and progress about current vote. In the future maybe you'll even be able to choose an initiative to vote on. We also plan to add online shops, watching porn and creating your own website to stream. But right now laptop has online courses:

Online courses

If you have money to burn, you can improve your communication skill or complete a course on one of college courses (excluding PE and swimming, of course). Every course has three levels. Basic course always has three lessons. It's not very expensive and gives a decent bonus to a skill or a grade. Main course consists of 10 lessons. Advanced course is just one lesson, but it's two hours long, gives a nice bonus and you can repeat it as many times as you want. 

Lesson events 

Now every lesson has a 20% chance to have an event, where Kate notices the top button on her blouse is undone or her skirt is hiked up. You possible options depend on arousal and open mindedness. What you choose will affect open mindedness.

Fall events

If Kate leaned diving from Lisa in the cafe, Kate can try it in college on classmates, Adam and Nicolas. There are some tricky moments, but I don't want to go into details. I'll just say the event has 25% chance of happening.

We will change up chances on random events when we add new events.

Cafe update

Now, if Kate was invited in the cafe and paid the whole bill, it will improve relationships more than usual. And if she doesn't pay anything, there will be no negative consequences. But if Kate invites someone on a date and doesn't pay, it will cause a negative effect on a relationship.

Quest log update

Added quest "Café Déjà vu" into a quest log. You can now see your current progress with Vicky and Lisa. It also has useful tips for people who had problems catching events and dialogs.

Communication skill

This skill should start working as planned: higher skill gives more useful information about flirting like whether NPC is in the mood for flirting and how much NPCs like/dislike your actions. 0.6 will have 100 points cap on communication skill. In future version we will increase the level cap and there will be other bonuses from leveling it up. By the way, the skill level also increases during conversation to some extent. Oh, and flirting level also grows when you use it. 

Grocery store

The game finally has a grocery store (in the mall). For now it only has two items: chocolate bars and energy drinks. Both are really useful, though. You can get an energy boost or get rid of hunger whenever you need. It's junk food, though, so you have to wait a bit between eating more than two of either one. 

Quest items

If you remember, Kate gets a package from college with her uniform and key card on the second day of the game. Now that the game has an inventory, you can see quest items in it. Obviously, you don't need to restart the game to get them or anything. Old saves should work just fine. 

Fixed a bug where you could complete the whole series of massage events in one day.

Fixed a bug where the game didn't account who invited whom in the cafe


As always, your client will update to version 0.6 automatically.

0.6 is available on 5th for $40 Patrons, on 12th for $20 Patrons, on 16th for $10 Patrons, on 19th for $5 Patrons and two months from now for everyone else.

If you don't have any client, you can download it from here 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 303 exclusive posts