Total Access FAQ

Total Access is a tier that provides patrons with full access to my Patreon content. This includes tutorials (exclusives, early access, etc…), articles, pre-release tools, project files and more.

Finding Content

Finding things on Patreon can be challenging. To simplify this, I’ve organized all of the tutorials, by series, on my website. Each series has a separate page containing a brief overview and links to each video:

Tutorial Home 

Project Files

The Project Files post is the central hub for all project files. Direct links to project files for each series are available here:

Project File Downloads

Tutorial Requests

Requests for tutorials are more than welcome. And, while I may not be able to cover all requests, suggestions from Patrons will help guide future releases. A requests post has been created here:

Any Requests? Please Post a Comment


All videos are hosted on Vimeo. Before becoming a patron, ensure that you are satisfied with Vimeo’s playback quality. Patron only videos can only be streamed and are not available for download.

Charge up front

Due to Patreon’s limited payment options, I have elected to use Patreon’s charge up front feature. This means new patrons will be charged when they first subscribe to a tier and at the start of each month thereafter. For this reason, I would recommend becoming a patron within the first couple weeks of a month.

Additional Questions

If you have any outstanding questions, please feel free to send a direct message or contact me through email.