Limited Edition Postcard Update
I've been crunching the numbers on the postcards, looking at print costs, postage, and logistics of having x 100 individual designs printed and shipped out to you guys.

Long story short, 100 is too many. Even from an end user practical perspective 100 looks like too many.

If I was doing 1 per day Monday to Friday as planned, then it would be mid Jan 2019 before all 100 were designed. Then there would need to be a print proof of each before pulling the trigger.

It would be February before I'd be done and given that print quality is important, I'd be in the hole for over $1,000.

That's too long and too costly.

I don't mind shelling out to make something special but I decided when I was doing this that I'd at least break even on promotional work.

So I'm cutting it back to 21 Limited Edition Postcards for the launch.

I think that's more sensible.

One every day, Monday to Friday leading up to the launch of The Artist's Manifesto.

So a bit more detail then... bullet points for clarity.

  • There will be 21 Limited Edition Postcards published (for starters)
  • Each one will contain a creativity quote from an artist, philosopher or other remarkable female/male creative.
  • New postcards will be published on Patreon only, Monday to Friday leading up to 15th of Oct launch date of The Artist's Manifesto.
  • All postcards will be available to Patrons on theartistsmanifesto[dot]co website when it launches in October.
  • You'll be able to download PDFs to your own computer from Patreon or from the new website.
  • $10 Patrons and above get all 21 postcards sent out in the post no matter where you live in the world.
  • Patrons at $5 and under get the PDF collection only.
  • Additional print runs can be arranged on request and you'll be able to order these from theartistsmanifesto[dot]co website.


I think I got outta jail there...honestly.

Glad I took a hard look at this tonight before going too far down the road.

Sorry if some of you are disappointed, but I need to take the practicalities of producing these postcards into account.

Going forward I intend to create more of these postcards and make them available for purchase on the new site so keep an earball out for more on that.

Hope that's cool.

But if it's not and you decide you want out I understand and respect that completely.

DON'T FORGET; Patrons at $10 and above get - the Paperback, the Audiobook, your name printed in the book acknowledgements. Patrons at $5 get the Paperback. See rewards here 

Gluc for now!

- Larry