Ultraranger #51 Show Notes
Ultraman R/B

Episode 05: Goodbye, Icarus (Saturday August 4th, 2018)

-The Episode Begins with Isami outside his school and seeing that a ton of people are watching this girl named Yuha Ninomiya; a so-called “Weirdie Princess” from a prestigious family. Isami mentions that everyone calls her Icarus for her studying flight

-Yuha studies the practical application of artificial muscles and exoskeletons (A.K.A The Ability of Flight). She tries to take off but she immediately falls to the ground after being up in the air a few feet

-A Bit later, Isami sees Yuha drop her books, and proceeds to help her get them back to her own personal lab at the school. Yuha asks Isami if he’s seen the recent events of the Ultramen, which he saids yes too but accidentally breaking a tool

-Yuha shows Isami her latest work and asks Isami why he doesn’t make fun of her like everyone else. But Isami tells Yuha that he admires her work and is glad to see her not give up on her research

-As Isami is ready to leave, Yuha tells Isami that the tool he broke was 200,000 Yen, and he can repay her by being her assistant

-The Following Day, Isami and Yuha arrive at Fuenariyama, a location where the Ultramen fought which cracked the ground, making the wind rise from deep within the Earth

-Katsumi and Asahi come to see the test flight and Yuha is make it just a bit higher, until she then takes a nosedive right into some trees. Katsumi and Isami rush over to help Yuha out, only for her to see that her tech needs to be fix before she takes another flight

-While Katsumi checks Yuha for any damage, Isami notices that the R/B Crystal Case is glowing, indicating that their might be a new R/B Crystal nearby, maybe even underground

-Later in the day, Katsumi, Isami, and Asahi all gather back at Quattro M, where Katsumi and Asahi asks Isami why she doesn’t quit her research before she ends up hurting herself or worse. But before Isami can say anything, Ushio arrives with a new shirt (The Shirt says the Tooth is out there. Making a pun with Tooth instead of Truth)

-After Asahi calling it subtle, Makoto Aizen arrives in the shop, saying that ushio hasn’t change the store in the last 15 Years, with ushio saying he did it to feel as if Mio was still around

-Mr.Aizen sees a Leather Jacket up in the store and asks for the price, but Katsumi tells him its not for sale and just a display piece. But Mr.Aizen writes them out a big fat check for the jacket, and while the Minato Family is in shock, Mr.Aizen places a mini speaker disguised as a Jammy Dodger and places it with the rest of the cookies

-The next Day, Yuha has broken her wings again, saying they’ll do more testing the next day. Isami asks Yuha why she does the flight research even though it could possibly lead to a short life. Yuha tells Isami that she’s in an arranged marriage, so she’s trying to get most out of her life while she can before being married

-Later on at Quattro M, Isami talks to Katsumi about how their might be a new R/B Crystal buried underneath Fuenariyama, meanwhile Mr.Aizen is back at Aizen Tech listening to their conversation, that is until Asahi arrives back at home and they stop the conversation

-Asahi picks up the tiny microphone cookie and takes a bite, causing Mr.Aizen to scream with pain and Asahi thinking its a joke, tossing the cookie into the garbage

-A Few Hours Later, Isami and Yuha work on the wings all night, while Yuha goes on to talk about how her parents want her to study overseas in a more rich person school. But Yuha saids she’ll miss Ayaka City and everyone there

-The Next Day, Isami, Yuha, Katsumi, and Asahi are all back at Fuenariyama, and Yuha is prepared to fly off for the day. When suddenly Mr.Aizen on top of Aizen Tech Headquarters summons a new kaiju; Que-Basser!!

-Que-Basser is on its way to Fuenariyama, so Isami tells Asahi to take Yuha to cover, as he and Katsumi do their brotherly handshake and summon their R/B Gyros, transforming into Ultraman Rosso Flame and Ultraman Blu Aqua, preparing to take down Que-Basser

-Asahi and Yuha see the Ultramen fighting off Que-Basser, running farther away from the fight, while Mr.Aizen says his Proverb of the Episode “Floating like a butterfly adds insult to injury.”

-Que-Basser flaps its enormous wings and causes a windstorm in the area, causing Yuha to fly high up into the sky. Isami tells Katsumi they need to use the Wind Crystal to save Yuha.

-Using the powers of Water and Fire, Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu break the cracked ground, releasing them their newest R/B Crystal (This Makes it their 6th R/B Crystal they’ve obtained)  The Ultraman Tiga (Multi Type) R/B Crystal.

-As Ultraman Blu grabs ahold of it, Isami decides to try out the new R/B Crystal, transforming into Ultraman Blu Wind! (Shot Out Phrase for Wind: Enshired by Wind, purple gale!)

-Ultraman Blu Wind charges at Que-Basser, summoning his R/B Slugger Blu and start attacking, until Que-Basser tries to fly into the sky, only for Ultraman Rosso to join in the fight up in the sky.

-Ultraman Blu sees Yuha flying through the tornado, and decides to go so fast in the opposite direction, the tornado cancelled itself, this upsetting Que-Basser

-Katsumi switches R/B Crystals and transforms into Ultraman Rosso Aqua and summons his R/B Slugger Rosso and using the Ultraman Zero R/B Crystal to use the Zero twin Slicer attack while Ultraman Blu Wind uses the new attack; Storm Shooting! Both of their attacks brings Que-Basser back down to the ground, destroying the Kaiju once again

-Everyone in Ayaka City looks up in the sky, as they all see Yuha flying right beside Ultraman Blu Wind. Isami goes on to narrate that Yuha did end up going overseas to study, but at least she left with a smile (This is apparently a reference too Ultraman Tiga)

-The Episode Comes to an End with Mr.Aizen putting on the jacket he bought (An Yes, it’s Heavily Implied that its Gai’s Jacket) while Darling brings back the Que-Basser Crystal, placing it back in the R/B Crystal Collection Case and we see the Ultraman Orb R/B Crystal, as he picks his up and shines it, whistling Gai’s theme

Ultra Crystal Navi Episode 05

R/B Crystal: Ultraman Tiga:Multi Type (1996)

Height: 53 Meters

Weight: 4,400 Tons

Special Attack: Zepellion Ray

Ultraman X

Episode 01: A Voice From the Starry Sky (Tuesday July 14th, 2015)

-The Season Begins with two balls of energy fighting around the sun. One of which is Red while the other is Purple. The two balls of Light fight around the Earth till the Red ball hits the Purple one into the sun, causing strange arbour lights across the world.

-The Narrator tells us the story beings 15 Years Ago (Year 2000). When the Rays hit the planet, ancient artifacts around the world called Spark Dolls came to life, causing the world to be over run by Kaijus and Aliens alike (Every kaiju & Alien seen attacking the world are from the original Ultraman Series, as this season was meant to be the huge callback to the original series)

-In order to deal with the attacks from the Kaijus and Aliens, The World Nations commissioned a Special Defense Unit; Xio (Xeno Invasion Outcutters) to protect the world, as we see a guy with a strange device shouting out for X

Music Time! Intro: Ultraman X (Theme) - Sung by the Legendary Voyager and it’s such a great theme song. Not as good as Song of Hero, but on par with Legend of the Galaxy. 

-The Episode Properly Begins with a scout team of Xio Members out in a open field with some equipment. We see our main character; Daichi Ozora listening to space waves as the two scientist members for the season; Rui Takada & Mamoru Mikazuki come up too him to tell him the test is ready

-Daichi stays in the center of the field as he slips in a Cyber Card of Gomora into his Xio Devizer, as the narrator comes in again to tell the audience that Xio’s Scientist Team have been analyzing the Spark Dolls to create their own Kaijus and Aliens to fight back the threats

-Daichi is close to configuring Cyber Gomora, but he’s only able to make it up to 67%, until the whole program shuts down. Mamoru tells Daichi they’ll get closer next time with Rui asking if they can make a different Kaiju (As She points at Cyber Eleking) But Diachi says it must be Gomora since it has a bond with him

-We cut back to 15 Years later where we see Daichi as a little kid holding a Glass Container with the Gomora Spark Doll inside, Daichi’s Father tells him to keep the Spark Doll in the case as he rushes into their home to get his mother. But the whole building gets digitized out of nowhere, leaving Daichi alone and scared.

-Daichi puts on his headphones and here’s something out in space, only saying one word; Unite. We cut back to present Day where Daichi hears the word again and the Gomora Spark Doll starts to shake. Daichi scans the Spark Doll on his Xio Devizer and the device tells him Gomora is feeling unease

-We cut to a group of campers outside in the woods playing in the water. They notice the water goes from warm to boiling hot within seconds, only to see a monsterous red flame at the top of the mountain

-Back at Xio Headquarters, we meet our female lead of the show; Asuna Yamase training with three nameless Xio members. The alarms in the base go off saying “Phase 2” which Asuna, Wataru Kazama, and Hayato Kijima (The Actor who went on to play Snipe) are asked to come to the Main Hub of the Base

-Asuna, Wataru, and Hayato are informed by Captain Shotaro Kamiki & Deputy Captain Sayuri Tachibana that a kaiju is currently on the loose. The Two operators of Xio; Takeru Yamagishi & Chiaki Matsudo inform everyone on where the Kaiju is heading. So Captain Shotaro tells Wataru and Hayato to go into the city while Asuna heads into the forest to alert the scout team

-Asuna Rides in the Xio Aramis to alert the Research Team trying to contact Daichi. But Daichi contacts her to stop the car. While a Massive Fireball comes crashing down. 

-Asuna gets out of the Xio Aramis and Daichi tells her that something is coming, which its then revealed to be a New kaiju! The Molten Iron Monster; Demaaga!

-Demaaga is heading towards Umezawa City, where we find out that the Xio-Blasters have no affect on it. Luckily Wataru and Hayato arrive in the Sky Musketty and attack Demaaga from above, but it still has no effect. Demaaga heads into the city as people run (Reminds me of a Godzilla Movie)

-Daichi is able to find information on the Kaiju referring to it as Demaaga and how the only way to defeat it is with the “Warrior of Light”. But Asuna thinking realisticly asks how they can defeat it if it was meant to be a myth

-Asuna and Daichi run away from Demagga as Wataru and hayato are shot down by Demaaga, heading back to Xio Headquarters. Daichi notices he accidentally dropped Gomora and goes back for him, only to find out that his Xio Devizer is shouting at him to “Unite”. Demaaga attacks Daichi with his Fire attack, but suddenly a mysterious light appears above Daichi, changing his Xio Devizer into the X-Devizer. Asuna looks upon herself in person as she sees a new giant creator; ULTRAMAN X!!!

-Ultraman X tells Daichi they'll explain things later and will take down Demaaga, only for Daichi to get scared; cause it turns out….Daichi is afraid……..of heights

-Ultraman X goes on to tell Daichi that nothing will hurt him as long as their United. So Daichi joins Ultraman X in fighting Demaaga, only for Demaaga to still have the upper hand. Ultraman X Colour Timer starts to go off, with X telling Daichi that their time's almost up

-Wataru and Hayato tell Captain Shotaro to help out the Giant and they attack Demaaga. Ultraman X stands up and they decide to finish off Demaaga with their Specium Ray Attack; The Xanadium Beam!

-The Crowd Cheers for Ultraman X, as he flies off with Ultraman X telling Daichi that wasn’t bad for his first time. Captain Shotaro asks for the Ultraman’s location, but he’s vanished

-Daichi goes up to the Demaaga Spark Doll, with Ultraman X saying he’s gonna stay in Daichi’s Xio Devizer, with Daichi being confused until he runs towards Asuna, Wataru, and Hayate, telling them the Giant saved him and returned Demaaga back to a Spark Doll

-The Episode Comes to an End with Captain Shotaro asking Daichi who was the Giant, and Daichi decides to give him the name of Ultraman X.

Music Time! Ending: Unite ~To Unite With You Not Bad for an Ending Theme. But the Movie Version of the song is WAY BETTER!!

Daichi’s Monster Lab Episode 01 (This is where it all began for the Recaps)

Spark Doll: The Molten Iron Monster; Demaaga (2015)

Height: 50 Meters

Weight: 55,000 Tons

Special Attack: Fireball Eruption

Quote: “He’s a dangerous monster that can set anything ablaze with his intense flames.”

Cyber Card: Ultraman X (2015)

Height: 45 Meters

Weight: 45,000 Tons

Special Attack: Xanadium Beam

Quote: “After uniting with Daichi, we were able to fight together. I’m counting on your help from now on!”