Mannequin video and photoset are available!
 Welcome to get 2 min long video clip with Davey playing the mannequin coming alive (20$) and 15 high resolution photos (45$)! Use , while donating, please write in the Note section what you want to purchase and within the next 24 hours we will send you the download link on the e-mail your PP is attached to (or add in the Note your other e-mail if you want to get the link at the different e-mail address). 

In the video Davey's character is a female mannequin, that stands next to the male mannequin. Then she "awakes" by falling in love with her plastic neighbor, she tries to awake him too, but he doesn't respond. Then the heart-broken girl is freezing again after her feelings are being refused and she has no more energy to remain human.

Photos are showing the male mannequin and Davey, styled as a mannequin, in different poses. 


Special thanks to Mr. greneker03 for making all this possible!

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