Urban Assets Pack

After many months of testing your collective patience I have finally managed to sequester myself away in order to finish off the remaining pieces of the Public Urban Assets Pack

Like the previous Forest Assets, Tavern Assets, and Snowy Assets before it, this pack is made free to use for all and because they're all at the same battle map scale, they're all compatible with each other! In addition to huge number of different roof combinations and detailing pieces, I also worked to include a number of different other urban set pieces that might help you set the scene a little more convincingly. 

When you're satisfied with the placement of your landscaping or alleyway bridges, don't forget about the previous packs! Furniture pieces from the Tavern Assets in particular are helpful for these maps, as you'll see in the few example maps I included of my own make.

So happy to be able to get to share the whole pack publicly! I recognize that it has shortcomings and is still quite far from filling every need you may want for an urban battle map, but I feel it's a solid step in the right direction and I have to be excited about that.

Please share your feedback and things that you may want to see in future iterations of asset packs that look to cover the urban theme and share back out any maps you may be making with these new assets!