President Of Moldova Dodon's Car Rammed by Truck! Hours After Abkhazia PM killed! (Open Season on Pro-Russian Leaders?)

This is open season on pro-Russian leaders, people of common sense and truth.

Breaking news and so far it's the only footage I've seen; I'm sure there will be more info later:

VIDEO: Shocking footage of a truck ploughing into Moldovan President Dodon's motorcade

This is the shocking first footage of a truck ploughing into Moldovan President Igor Dodon's motorcade on Sunday. The crash occurred when a truck skidded into oncoming traffic, crashing into two cars from the presidential convoy, reportedly near the town of Straseni. 

Igor Dodon (left) talking to Putin 

As of this writing it is unknown whether Igor Dodon is alive or not, although I am hoping for the best. 

What I can tell you is that Igor Dodon has been a staunch defender of the sovereignty of Moldova and one of the few top politicians who stood in the way of the absorption of Moldova by Romania. He is also the head of the pro-Customs Union with Russia /friendly to Russia movement in Moldova. 

Dodon has been consistent in his plan for Moldova to become a part of the Eurasian Union, along with other post-Soviet republics. That made him extremely dangerous to everyone who opposes good relations with Russia, from the neighboring Kiev junta and his own country's oligarchs and government, to the global Dark State, including US and EU globalists and Russophobes.

Moldova, being a small and poor ex-Soviet republic is nevertheless crucial in terms of its geopolitical position (see ESR8: BLACK SEA GAMBIT my FT articles and YT video on that). In one of the past FT article-video combo I showed to you Dodon bravely issuing an indictment to the US/West for meddling in Moldova's affairs during an international event in Russia, where he was present together with Putin. 

As someone who pays a very close attention to what's happening in Moldova, I can guarantee to you that Igor Dodon's death is very desirable to all pro-Romanian forces, US/EU globalists and the No. 1 oligharch of Moldova Plokhotnyuk, who has bought up the entire parliament and government of the country.  

Was this an accident? That is harder to imagine than a conspiracy, which would be much more logical. In fact I often wondered where Dodon finds courage to keep going, always being so close to the edge. The conspiracy is very logical to behead the pro-Russian, pro-Moldavian movement in Moldova. Another leader of this movement, Renato Usaty was forced to flee the country due to prosecution (read ESR8 - info still fully relevant). Dodon is the last man standing and the only person of that caliber in Moldova. Igor Dodon's socialist party won elections, but was cheated out of leadership in the parliament. President Dodon has been constantly at odds with the pro-Romanian/EU, profoundly anti-Russian government and parliament. 

Elections are coming to Moldova soon, which would be another reason to get rid of Dodon, the country's most popular politician. According to recent polls, if elections were held today, Dodon and his party would have won and increased the previous lead. 

Coincidence of Open Season?

Dodon's 'accident' follows the recent assassination by the pro-US Kiev junta of the Donetsk People's Republic leader Alexandr Zakharchenko (see my several articles on Patreon, and FT). As I wrote on Patreon, Zakharchenko was also the most popular politician in the whole of Ukraine, who would have won next year's presidential elections, should he be allowed to run by Kiev!

But it gets worse! Dodon's 'accident' comes just hours after Gennady Gagulia, the prime minister of Abkhazia, a Russian-backed republic that broke away from Georgia in the 1990s, died in a car crash in a similar way.

VIDEO: Aftermath of the Abkhazia PM car crash. As you see by the condition of the car, it was no ordinary crash. 


Want to know the background? 

I had extensive reports on Moldova and Pridnestrovie in the previous years. Search for my articles on Dodon and Moldova on FUTURIST TRENDCAST, and look for my original, extensive Moldova/Pridnestrovie video on Lada Ray YT (under Lada Ray Live series). The whole Moldova/Odessa/Pridnestrovie situation was summarized and long-ranging predictions made in ESR8: BLACK SEA GAMBIT. 

Here's one of the FT articles:  Moldova Elections: US Will Do Everything to Keep Anti-Russian Government 

ADDED 9/10:

To answer Maddie's question - thought you all would want to know: FSB is taking part in Zakharchenko's death investigation. This was announced officially. Possibly they'll join in Abkhazia PM death investigation if there is a request, which there probably will be. But Moldova is a different story. The govt, police and intelligence services, like in Ukraine, are in the hands of outright Russophobes and globalist slaves. So, I would put zero credence in their findings as to Dodon 'accident.' I'm sure they'll officially rule it an accident.      

And to respond to Teresa, yes they are absolutely desperate!