Math Rock - A Genre, A Community - A Music Documentary (2021)
I Matthew Chan the founder of / am trying to raise funds in order to film a documentary style full length movie about math rock. It's history, it's modern presence and the future of the genre will be covered. An in depth look at the math rock times magazine will be covered as well. I will try to submit the film to every indie film festival. I will try to get interviews with legendary math rock musicians, current favorite bands, film live concerts happening at the time including The Math Rock Times Festival 2019 in Austin, TX  which will feature many top bands and a popular headlining band tba.

Here are some examples of the content TMRT has been creating:


(short sampler compilation videos on youtube, 8 minute videos with 1 minute of music for each band. Each band's most recent music is played in this weekly series, it's best way to stay on top of the freshest jams!)



Any amount helps and I will be setting up a system for subscribers very soon, until then TMRT has t shirts you can purchase to show support here: 

or on bandcamp: 

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