Surreal MLB: Not-So-Automatic
Sabermetricians like to talk about how pop ups are equivalent to strikeouts. They're both automatic outs. Except, sometimes a dropped third strike turns a strikeout into a baserunner. And sometimes, professional fielders turn into Little Leaguers.

Here we see a disgusted hitter. He knows he's just made an automatic out.

The red X denotes where Yangervis Solarte started. The yellow X is where he finishes - a distance of about 30 feet.

The ball was in the air for six seconds. A professional athlete can run pretty far in six seconds.

The red arrow shows the ball (that white-ish blur). Blue arrows indicate players who kinda jogged over from much farther away so as to more closely observe Solarte complete this automatic out.


"Come on dude."

The Red Sox scored the winning run on the play.

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