Free episodes from the archives + general updates
Hopefully later today, tomorrow at the latest, I will start sharing some old podcast episodes on YouTube and Vimeo. Mostly on Vimeo, because YouTube has given me a bit of trouble lately (the Eyes Wide Shut/Twin Peaks episode was recently flagged and deleted for "violating community standards" - whatever that means - and I've appealed the decision). First up will be the full 10th Anniversary episode and then three isolated segments from that episode. I ended up using a LOT of illustration (including some clips of video essays) with these, kind of like a slide show format so if you enjoyed the episode, you may still want to re-visit the video. I'll share each of these videos as they go up in the next few days. After that, I plan to share the Blade Runner 2049 discussion from February, and at some point I'd like to illustrate my short discussion of video essay history from last winter, maybe even weaving the podcast audio into an actual meta-video essay.

More generally, with the above work this didn't turn out to be much of a "week off" but I'll be returning with an episode proper near the end of next week. The podcast will be more low-key for a little while, more centered around updates on my behind-the-scenes work, discussions & shout-outs of what I've been watching/reading/listening to, and reading pieces from my archive. Hopefully the simpler approach means I can get ahead on a lot of work, including a backlog of podcast episodes. That said I do have films in focus planned further down the line.

After a slow summer, the past few weeks have been pretty good for acquiring new patrons (and not losing old ones), so thanks to all of you, new and old alike! I'm publishing my archive next week after tinkering on it for months, and with that and the Return rewatch over hopefully I will have more time to devote to some long-term, in-depth projects, including the character series and Journey Through Twin Peaks. Having originally thought that I'd create it earlier in 2018 I've now resolved that if work on it hasn't begun on December 1, I will put everything else aside and devote all possible free time to Parts 5 and 6 of my video series going forward.

See you later today.

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