Alternate Universe: Katelina and Verchiel Part 3
Our alternate universe runs on, taking place at the end of Goddess of Night. If you missed the other installments you can catch part 1 and part 2. 

Warning: It gets steamy

What is alternate Universe?  It means it isn't canon - aka it's not officially part of the world and never will be. But it's fun.) When I asked on Facebook what people wanted to see, you guys asked for a continuation, so here we go.


Despite Verchiel’s promise of no boredom, a car trip was still a car trip. Though unlike her previous vampire experiences, Verchiel liked the radio. Even better, he didn’t seem to care what they listened to, as long as there was something playing, so he let her switch stations at will. Not that there was a lot to listen to.

“It just figures we’d steal a car that doesn’t have satellite radio in it. Makes me miss mine.” He sighed. “And I just sent it to get fixed, too.”

“It’s your own fault it was ruined,” she commented, poking the seek button and watching as numbers ticked by without any sound. “You shouldn’t have driven us into the middle of a wildfire.”

“I didn’t mean to end up in the fire. I’d planned to skirt it, remember? But fire can be unpredictable. Hey, we survived, right?”

That part was true, at least. 

For now.

She leaned back in the seat and watched the dull landscape go past. “It will be morning soon.”

“Eh, we have an hour maybe.”

She motioned out the window. “But I don’t exactly see a motel. Or even a house or barn to hide in. Where are we going to sleep?”

“If it comes to it, we’ll bunk down in the trunk.”

She froze, then turned slowly toward him. “You’re joking, right?”

He offered her a grin. “Nope. This is an older model car. We just pull over, take the backseat out, slide right into the trunk, pull the seat back, and take a nap. No one will bother us – they’ll see the empty car and assume we ran out of gas, and not like this thing looks worth stealing or even breaking into…We probably did the owner a favor, you know.”

Despite his assurances, she still didn’t like the idea. “But what if the trunk is already full of junk?”

“We move it.” He rolled his eyes and teased, “A little problem solving, huh?”

She glared, but the grumpiness faded as quickly as it came. The trunk would be better than burning to death in the sun, at least. 

That was when the lights of a city came into view.

“Or I guess we could skip the trunk and try to get there?” he suggested innocently.

She felt his amusement wash over her. “You knew that was there!”

“Maybe. I am amazing, after all.” He snickered, then turned serious. “The trunk does work, though. I’ve had to do it in emergencies.”

She sincerely hoped they never had an emergency.


The city was more of a town, but it had a beat up motel that reminded her of the kind of places Jorick liked to stay. Jorick. There it was again. Every time she thought of him, her chest would clench and her stomach would roll. There were too many feelings, too much confusion for her to deal with right now.

Which is why you’re running.

She glanced sharply to Verchiel, but there was no sign he’d sent the thought. He was a whisperer, of sorts, but she didn’t think he was powerful enough to do that. Or was he? He’d been careful to keep his powers a vague mystery, so that no one really knew what he was capable of doing. Not that it wasn’t a good idea. If people didn’t know what to expect they couldn’t prepare for it, which made it easier to catch them off guard.

Verchiel fished a wad of cash from his pocket. After brushing a kiss across her cheek, he winked. “I’ll be right back. Don’t go away. You’re not going to want to miss a night in this place.”

She wasn’t so sure about that. Though even she had to admit it was better than the trunk.

He was back a few minutes later, and they moved around back to their room. An older style motel, it had tiny windows hung with polka dotted curtains. “Not light proof, but it’s small and far enough away from the bed it shouldn’t hit us, anyway.”

The bed was just as disappointing. Saggy in the middle, the bedspread had mysterious stains on it, and the two pillows looked deflated.

Verchiel shrugged. “Hey, the trunk is still an option.”

She looked to him quickly, trying to decide if he’d been reading her mind, or if her reaction had just been on her face.  Or maybe he just guessed it. It’s not like I’ve ever made it a secret how I feel about these places.

“No, this is better than a trunk on the side of the road.”

He stuck his head in the bathroom then leaned back out. “We have about twenty minutes ‘til sunrise. Dibbsies on the shower!” He paused and then added, “Unless you want to join me.”

At those words, the memory of another shower popped in her head, and she hesitated, but he went on, with mock seriousness. “It would be more efficient, you know. Time saving. Two people. One shower, half the bathing time. I’ll even wash your back.”

The gleam in his eye promised more than a back washing, and stole her breath and all good sense. She should say no, take some time to examine her feelings, to be sure about what they were doing and why, but instead she followed him into the tiny bathroom. 

Examining feelings is over rated, anyway.

Verchiel turned the shower on, to let the water warm, then peeled off his shirt. Her eyes were drawn to his shoulders, the milky expanse of his chest, his hard stomach, and then down as he kicked off his shoes and tugged off his jeans and boxers. Despite what had happened yesterday, this was the first time she’d seen him completely naked. The sight sent hot fire rolling through her, and made her teeth feel tight, strange, as if she couldn’t wait to bite into all that creamy-

He glanced up to catch her staring, cutting off her thoughts. Her cheeks pink, she looked away guiltily, even when he tried to catch her eye. “I know what you’re thinking. The carpeting doesn’t match the drapes, right? But, you had to have figured that out already thanks to Ume.”

She slid her gaze back to his face. Did he really think she was thinking that, or was he just teasing to lighten the mood? Either way, it had worked. A little. Until her attention dropped down again.

“I hope you’re not planning to get in the shower fully clothed?” With each word he moved closer. “I haven’t washed that shirt yet. It might bleed pink all over everything, and we don’t want to ruin the motel bathtub, now do we?”

When he finished the sentence, he was in front of her, so close that his breath brushed her face. Her heart hammered, too loud for her to concentrate, too loud to think of anything but him, and swimming forever in the sea of those violet eyes. 

He pulled the neon pink shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor. Her skin flushed at the kiss of the air on her naked breasts. She expected him to look down, to ogle her, to make some flippant joke about how cold it must be, but he didn’t. He held her eyes, a thousand shining somethings shimmering in the violet depths. She could feel the crush of so many emotions, so many things he had to say, but she couldn’t peel the mash apart to find what any of them were.

“You’re beautiful.”

Her reply stuck in her throat, lost to the racing of her heart and the tingling of her skin, every inch of her reaching out, waiting for his fingers to brush her. Instead, he turned to check the water temperature, then climbed in the tub. “Are you coming?”

She shook herself sentient long enough to peel off the rest of the clothes and climb in after him. She’d barely pulled the shower curtain closed when he spun to her, pinning her back against the wet shower wall with the slick, naked length of his body. She gasped, and he claimed her open mouth with his, his hot tongue diving inside, taking, tasting, claiming. 

She wrapped her arms around him instinctively, pulling him tight against her, as if she could force him closer, force their bodies into one another. He moaned softly into the kiss, and shifted, so that the hard length of him ground against her belly, so close to where her screaming body wanted it, and yet so far. Too far. 

She couldn’t describe how much she wanted this; needed this. How the thought of it drove away every intelligent decision she’d ever made in her life. Every safe decision. She wanted him tom know, to understand, but she couldn’t find words.

He broke the kiss, leaving her open mouth begging for more, and moved to her ear, sucking the gentle pink cup. He slid back enough to get his arm between them, slipping his hand lower, down to her thighs. At the touch of his fingers, she opened for him. Her body tightened with the anticipation, the burning need for him to touch her there; her most sensitive core.

She had only a moment to wait before his seeking fingers found what she wanted. She gasped, arching back against the wet shower wall, legs opening more as he teased her, stroked her. Her eyes fluttered closed, then open, and her gums tightened, constricted, until the desire to bite him was as strong as the need to be filled by him.

She gasped as his fingers fulfilled the second want. She heard the moans sliding out of her, one after another. A small part of her, lost in the background, struggled with the embarrassment; someone might hear them. But she couldn’t stop it. She could only hang on to him and try not to bite him, not yet... not…

His mouth was suddenly on her neck, his body grinding against hers. “I need you,” he groaned. “Now.”

The sharp sting of his bite was a relief that almost brought her to orgasm. She sobbed out and bit him back, completing the circle, pulling them both into a landscape of pleasure. She was dimly aware of their bodies still moving together, somewhere, out there, beyond the sphere of her new reality – the only reality she ever wanted to be in again.

She felt herself wrapped in heat, in a thousand feather kisses, in long, smooth strokes, slick and refreshing like a dip in a summer pool, but hot like the sun on the rocks. A million contradictions, all of them lit by purple twilight and charged with the excitement of a million possibilities.

Then the world exploded in shimmering gold, like the cliché fireworks of a romance novel. Katelina fell back, gasping, panting, as the real world dropped back around her. She blinked eyelids heavy with water drops, to find Verchiel staring at her, those million something shining in his eyes. He caught his breath, and then, barley more than a whisper over the sound of the shower, “I love you.”


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