HACK THE CRAFT™: Line Editing to Strengthen Clarity and Prose
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This tutorial comes courtesy of episode 161 and 162 of The Taylor Stevens Show. It's part 1 and 2 of what will likely be a 4 episode series in which we  line edit a segment of Steve's work in progress. 

In this tutorial we learn:  
~~ What is/ isn't "mindreading" that results in hopping POV perspectives. 

~~ How to strengthen a paragraph by keeping description/ character opinion/ plot points flowing in sequential order.

~~ How to organize information within a paragraph to eliminate unnecessary words. 

~~ Subtle changes that strengthen action beats.

~~ What weak vs. strong verbs look like in a practical sense.

~~ How to add/ create inner dialogue to avoid a sequence reading like a dialogue transcript.

~~ How small word tweaks and alternative word choices can change the feel of a paragraph.

~~ We also learn that, while I'm perfectly capable of distinguishing between "redundant" and "repetitious" in real life, my mouth is too much of a dummy to get it right while creating a tutorial. If nothing else, the frequent mistake makes for a good drinking game. ;) 

~~ And there's a bonus post-session discussion between Steve and I that isn't included in the podcasts and can only be found in this tutorial.