World Building Wednesday 12 - Brogh Battle Magic
Time for another patrons-only world building post! 

This week we'll be looking a bit more at the Brogh - specifically how they use magic in battle, since they do have access to it. 

As I've implied before, the Brogh are more of a peaceful nature than not, but with the Orcs attacking them so often they do have to defend themselves. As such, they have developed several forms of defensive magic (a literal first line of defense, just trying to keep them out altogether) and enhancement magic, for themselves and their weapons, when the defensive measures fail. 

Most of the defensive magic deals with constructing physical barriers - vines that grow over the entrances to their Setts, and harden to stone. Fog that pours in and confuses the invading forces so they get turned around and leave on their own. And so on. At this point, all of the Setts have these kind of spells constantly in place - once a month, at the full moon, they are renewed, but other than that they just lay in wait and activate whenever someone with ill-intent wanders into their territory. At times, magic to hide the Setts altogether has been utilized, but that has never been quite effective since the Brogh don't move around as the Orcs do (and the Orcs have long been aware of where Brogh territory lays). 

The enhancement magic is a bit of a different beast - instead of channeling the powers of nature outside of themselves, this magic pulls that power into their bodies and their weapons. Most of these spells are also set up in advance, built into the weapons themselves (by the weaponsmiths who make them, like Eunan's husband Aodh). Any warrior - any Brogh in general, actually - can activate that magic by meeting it with the magic within themselves. The gentleman above is doing just that - calling out his own magic, in order to pull out the magic of the weapon. This visually manifests as something natural-looking, like the vines and leaves above, which physically links the weapon to the warrior and gives both added strength, stamina, and luck in battle. 

The vines are just an example of what that would look like to an approaching Orc - it can look like stones, or a stream, or flower petals, etc., depending on the nature of the person calling out the magic and the nature of the smith who crafted the weapon. If a warrior's energy and the weapon's energy are ever at odds, the magic will not activate at all, leaving the warrior to just use the weapon as it is without any enhancement. 

(And yes, as this all implies, all Brogh have magic. Just as all Elves have magic. More on this in the future....) 

Lastly, as you can see from the above image, Brogh warriors wear goggles into battle. All the Brogh are nearsighted, and wear glasses normally, but those would be less convenient in war. So, between their own ideas and the goggles they've seen on Orcs (traded from the Gnomes), designs like this came about to make seeing and fighting much more doable.

(And yes, any mages involved the the battle could cast a mass-normal-sight spell on everyone fighting, but that would considered a waste of resources. Most of a mage's actions in a battle involve large area-of-effect damage spells, or curses on the opposing force, and both those things require a lot of attention. More on that in the future, too.....)

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