Items Granted by Treasure Chests
...And we are back to game update posts! 🎮

The last Cute Town Sim update showed some generic text when opening a treasure chest.  Now, there are specific items being granted, and they are depicted in the inventory slots at the bottom corner of the screen. 🔑

There is even some progression required in order to obtain the more valuable treasure.  In my super quick example, you must have a key before you can acquire an item that one of the villagers around the town needs! 🍀

The depiction above is highly simplified, but, for instance, you could imagine that the key might be hidden among the trees in one map, and then you must travel to another map where the locked treasure chest is waiting. 💎 Then, you have an item that you can gift to an NPC, who might even trade it for something else that they can give you in return. 🎁 This is only the beginning of a system of quests and trading sequences that will be present in the game! 🙋

✨ Soon, I will depict the items being granted in their own, attention-grabbing animation in the center of the screen, rather than simply showing them in the inventory slot with no fanfare.


👩‍💻 There is a significant bit more that I worked on for this game today, but none of it is actually visible. 😅 All of this time, since I built from YoYo RPG as a base, the game has had tons and tons of YoYo RPG files in its system.  All of those graphics you can see in the screenshots on the YoYo RPG page were taking up space in the background of Cute Town Sim, along with sound effects, scripts, object data, etc.

They were inflating the save and load times of the project, so today I spent some time carefully trimming them out (some scripts and objects and things are being partially used, after all, so I couldn't just delete everything willy-nilly). ✂

The files for the game are much smaller now, which will drastically reduce load times once it is playable! 🦄 

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