September Haiku Tournament
We had a great Haiku battle in Charlottesville in September. The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar is great, I love the falafel, the Dahl and the CHUTNEY. I am going to do some chutney recipes soon, because heck yes. We had a small turnout at the battle, which I think was due to folks thinking that Hurricane Florence was really going to mess us up, which it did not. It was actually decent weather. Despite fewer competitors, some of my very favorite people were there, Raven the host and Suzanna who is my herb teacher. Laura my bestie came with me and she ended up winning the tournament! My friend from Zine Fest organizing days Celina did the death match against Raven, and they themed it where he was a "good white person" and it was incredible. She kicked ass, and Raven did a damn fine job highlighting the problems in the way the white liberal thought patterns and analysis go. I want them to get paid to perform that piece. It was powerful. The next Haiku battle (ahem, Southern Gothic Futurist Haiku Slam) will be October 25 at 8 at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar in Charlottesville (on the downtown mall). Write 20-25 haiku to compete in the open battle. It's refreshing, inspiring and a great time.
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