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—Something Like Texting— 

Images of fun text message conversations between characters!

#1 Wishes 

Ben and Tim discuss what they want for Christmas, and what to get Jason.

#2: Distance 

While Tim is away in Mexico, Ben writes to express how he feels about their separation.

#3: Waiting 

Ben is stuck at the DMV and asks Tim to help entertain him.

#4: Space 

Company is on the way over, but Tim has his head in the stars.

#5: Roadtrip 

Jason needs help from a former boyfriend, but is it a good idea?

—Short Stories— 

Something Like Stars  

Marcello wants to turn Ben and Tim's story into a movie, but will anyone be able to agree on what actually happened in the past? A script struggles to find its wings in this lighthearted short story. 

Something Like Us  

Ever wonder what happened to Noah, Harold, and Felix after the events of Something Like Hail? Now you can find out in this special three-part novella. Part One - Part Two - Part Three 

Something Like Then 

Ben is having a great day hanging out with his best friend, but why is everyone acting so weird?

Something Like Family 

Tim and Jason take a road trip together and begin to question just how much they really have in common.

Something Like Me 

Facing a difficult decision, Emma turns to the past to help sort through her feelings.

Something Like Goodbye 

Marcello's health is in decline, making Tim realize that they should be spending as much time together as possible.

 The Boy at the Bottom of the Fountain 

While at a party, a man recognizes someone from his past, even though they never really knew each other. He soon finds out what happens when old dreams become reality and new dreams start to beckon.  

Icarus and Apollo 

A retelling of the classic myth, this time with a gay twist! Can a mere mortal attract the attention of the god he loves?

—Rendered Relationships— 

Sexy and sweet art of your favorite couples from the Something Like... series accompanied by mini stories!

#1 Ben and Tim (young) 

Things are heating up between Ben and Tim, but what about love?

#2 Jace and Victor (young) 

A young Jace snuggles up to Victor in front of the campfire.

#3 Jace and Victor (eternal) 

It's hard to imagine a better reward, or happier ending, than this!

#4 Jace and Greg 

Having your best friend stay over can be fun, but it can also be stressful!

#5 William and Jason  

The boys head to the beach, when really, they should be in the bedroom.

#6 Ben and Jace (vacation) 

While on a trip to Rome, Ben runs out of energy, but Jace has the solution.

#7 Kelly and Nathaniel 

Nathaniel has always been Kelly's staunchest supporter... but even he  makes mistakes.

#8 Marcello and Eric 

It's Halloween, abd Marcello is more interested in tricks than treats. Then again, isn't he always?

#9 William, Jason, and Daisy 

Daisy is coming to stay with William, but everything must be absolutely perfect. Will the visit be adorable or a disaster?

#10 Ben and Tim (Christmas) 

Ben wants to make Christmas extra special for Tim, which means finding snow. In Texas.

#11 Jason and Caesar 

One chapter of Caesar's life is coming to an end as another begins, but he's still troubled about what went down between him and Jason.

#T1 Team Autumn 

In celebration of reaching a milestone goal, check out this special image of Jace and his gang!

—Nothing Like Summer—

Deleted material from the early drafts of Something Like Summer!

#1 Talent Show 

The original talent show scene used a certain song by David Bowie and Queen, the lyrics weaving into the narrative of the story

#2 Alan 

Instead of that party brat Ryan, Tim dated a very different person in the earlier drafts.

#3 Keep Warm 

Something Like Winter wasn’t the first time I wrote from Tim’s perspective. This brief piece gives us a glimpse at a Tim with different motivations.

#4 Separation 

Writing Jace’s death scene was difficult, and at one time, was very different than what ended up in the final version.

#5 Hey, Babe 

While working on the second edition of Summer, I wrote this phone call between Ben and Jace before realizing it couldn't be used. 

—Nothing Like Rain—

Deleted material from the early drafts of Something Like Rain!

#1 Laisha and William 

A scene cut so the story could move on faster.

#2 Alternate Ending 

The original ending to the book had a much different feel.

—Movie Miscellany—

Behind-the-scenes info on the Something Like Summer movie.

Baby Bentley: Ben Before Summer 

Grant Davis, star of the Something Like Summer movie, put together this special video showing us a glimpse of Ben’s life as a child.

Movie Set Report 

I took a trip to LA to watch the final scenes of the Something Like Summer  movie being filmed. Here are some photos and videos!

My Review of the Movie 

Find out what an author thinks of the film adaption in this special review, and see some exclusive screen caps too!

—Random Surprises—

Stuff that doesn't fit into other categories.

The Something  Like... Family Tree 

Check out this amazing graph which allows you to see all the crazy connections between the ever growing cast of characters!

The Letter 

Before Ben and Tim broke up in high school, Ben put this handwritten (and heartbreaking) letter in Tim's locker.

What I Did on my Summer Vacation 

A school essay written by Benjamin Bentley, and the original sales pitch for the novel.

Kelly and Nathaniel sketch 

Check out this amazing illustration of Kelly and Nathaniel, as rendered by Cassy Fallon.

Something Like Summer - The Reboot 

A silly post from April Fool's Day that gives us a glimpse into a neighboring reality.

Author QnA Video 

Your fellow Patreons sent me a bunch of questions. These are the answers!

The Straight Truth 

How much does reality influence the books I write? This very candid article discusses truth behind my novel Straight Boy.

Andreas Art #1 - Marcello Maltese 

Art by my husband of Marcello surrounded by his shirtless waiters.

Andreas Art #2 - Jace Holden 

More art by my husband, this time of Jace working on an airplane. He's got an adorable assistant helping him out too!

Sexy Summer 

I wanted this hot illustration to be the cover to Something Like Summer before we changed directions completely.

Weird Winter

Did you know that Something Like Winter has two very different covers? Find out why and take a look at both.

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