Surreal MLB: Repairing Divots
Yesterday's post was a bit on the heavy side. Let's swing to lighthearted fare today. The Nationals outfield looks pristine from the seats at home - at least until the players interact with it.

Here's a crappy fly ball. The image below shows Victor Robles spreading his arms in the universal sign of "I got it." Except this time he's actually shrugging to show he doesn't got it.

That's utility man Adrian Sanchez in the bottom right corner of this image. Robles is hamming it up, but Sanchez is the actor to watch in this scene.

Robles turned out to miss the mark by quite a distance. Not for lack of trying - he outran his hat. Sanchez made an attempt. This one depicts the ball hitting the ground. Next slide please.

Here we've got two things happening. A crater opened up where Sanchez originally landed. He flipped into a karate kick to Robles' upper chest.

It hurt.

Later in the game, we have an opportunity to watch not-outfielder Dom Smith making plays.

That's the catch. The ball just vanished into his glove. Note the missing portion of his leg.

We have impact!

Finally, this is Brandon Nimmo demonstrating the proper technique for repairing your divot. It's common courtesy.

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