Try now my First Game made in 15 hours & its Evolution!  

64X64 UFOs is the first game I have completed using Construct 2.
It has been created for the #lowrezjam 2016, a competition (Game Jam)  that lasts two weeks, where participants have to develop a game in Pixel  Art, running in a 64 x 64 pixels window.

I was working on another game for a long time, and I have decided to  have a break. Since the jam was just a break for me, I gave it only 15  hours, and in the end, I did a whole mini-game! :-)

Here you can try the game:
Play 64x64 UFOs

- Click with the mouse to start the game and to shoot the UFOs.
- Once shot, the weapon will take 2 seconds to reload.
- Wait until the loading mouse cursor disappears before shoot again.
- Don't shoot to the buildings, if you damage too many of them it's GAME OVER!

FPS on Rails Template is a Construct 2 Template that I have put on sale. This Template has its roots in 64x64 UFOs,  sharing a similar basic mechanic. I have put a lot of efforts into it,  and it brings two years of experience between the two programs.

Following my tutorials and with effort over time, you can learn my same  skills and create similar games. If your Pledge offers as Reward a  Template, you can choose to have it and use it to create your own games.

You can try and play the Template here:
Play the FPS on Rails Template demo

- Mouse to aim
- Left Click to Shoot
- Right Click to Zoom In (Release to Zoom Out)
- Wheel Up to reload weapon (if your ammo number next to the box is > 0)

Weapon Selection
(You have different weapons only in the Quick Game)
1 - Pistol
2 - Rifle
3 - Machine Gun

Mode 0 - Follow Mouse - Use Mouse to navigate
Mode 1 - Bullet Behavior - Camera moves back and forwards the level with bullet behavior
Mode 2 - 8 Direction - Left/Right Arrows or A/D to move the camera
Mode 3 - Pathfinding - The camera moves towards next target once the previous one has been destroyed

F5 - Restart

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