A Guide to Making Love | Commentary
This Sunday (30th September) my level 5 patrons will be receiving advance access to a 40 minute commentary I made on Making Love. This is the third part of my "love package" that includes a link to the movie and signed copy of my limited edition graphic novel Enduring Love.

In the commentary I explore the philosophical and theological themes that animate the movie (along with the relevant clips). While commentaries are often optional extras in movies, I see this as a vital, enmeshed, part of this project. For anyone who runs small groups, the movie and commentary could be a great thing to do over a couple of weeks.

Our aim is for the movie and the commentary to work together in enriching and deepening the insights of the viewer. It’s a model I’ve tried to use in my books, especially How (Not) to Speak of God - which played on the movement between the intellectual and existential dimensions of Pyrotheology.

Then, on 14th October I'll be giving out the movie and commentary to all my patrons who are signed up to level 3 or above.

Then, hopefully by the end of the year, the movie and commentary will be available to everyone else on a "pay what's fair" model.