This Inktober's Theme
I have essentially three themes in mind for the next three years of Inktober, based somewhat on the first collection I did (the Inktober 2017 Sketchbook). But I honestly can't decide which theme to start with.

To be fair, it's been a while since I've read some Lovecraft, and I've never read (though I've watch many film interpretations of) Alice in Wonderland (I'd wanted to read it before I did an Inktober themed book for it). Yet, Lovecraft and Wonderland are two of my most popular "fan art" areas.

The classic monsters is just the Universal sort and beyond (though, my own interpretation of them). Following these three years, I may put out a fifth year of my own creations (Chadhiyana and others), but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

That said, though there are so few of you, and only one or two very active members, which Inktober theme would you like to see me do this year?

(Note: For the sake of potentially more votes, I'm going to make this poll public, if you all don't mind. Voting ends on the morning of October 1st!)

Lovecraftian Horror


Alice in Wonderland


Classic Monsters

Poll ended Oct 1, 2018
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