BIRTHDAY! Cats cats cats cats
Dearest Patrons and friends of Birdverse,

Thanks to your interest in letterpress prints, we have reached the bookselling cats! stretch goal. I have no idea if we are going to stay at that target long-term, but it's my birthday, and I really want to share these cats, and I'm really happy that we reached this goal. Therefore: here they are, posted publicly for the world to see.

THANK YOU, dear Patrons, for enabling yet another Birdverse stretch goal to become public!

This whimsical poem gives a bit of a background to the famous Gleis and Daughters bookstore in Katríu, which to this very day is mostly run by cats and their affiliated Mss. Gleis.

I'll tell you a story, 
it's as weird as it gets:

of a bookwagon driven by dozens of cats, 
very hungry and driven and terrible cats, 
very erudite, snarky, and elegant cats!

and a single Ms. Gleis, well, actually three 
Mss. Gleis, who like to be driven by cats.

They drive from the western Araigen border; 
I hear the late Mr. Gleis was a hoarder 
of rarest and dearest and thickest of books, 
though all but a hundred were stolen by crooks, 
and now all his daughters and all of their cats 
are driving and hoping and hedging their bets.

They are crossing the border to Katra, oh my! 
(it's not my favorite country, 
so do not ask me why.) 
On the road to Katríu the books multiply 
in the wagon, beginning to plaintively cry:

We preferred to be housed in a house with no wheels! 
we preferred to be housed! This is giving us feels! 
And not very good feels! It's giving us chills!

But the cats kept on going, in different directions, 
but mostly just forward - 
the cry of collections 
of the late Mr. Gleis 
did not really hinder their actions.

On the streets of Katríu the cats were surprised 
by hundreds of people and thousands of mice 
and the pies and the cries and the flies and the lice 
and a cavernous house with a green door 
being sold by the owner 
on account of the mice.

Said the cats: this is PURRfect! Let's open a store!
They chased all the mice right out of the door, 
and the books occupied all the shelves and expanded 
and the cats multiplied, and the Mss. Gleis blended 
quite nicely with the surrounding decór:

they wore blouses with pictures of books or of cats 
and trousers with pictures of books or of cats 
and scarves which were printed with cats - or with books! 
Oh, these Mss. Gleis have the sharpest of looks!

But what of the cats? They do not possess blouses 
nor indeed any scarves 
absolutely no trousers, 
yet the cats are the cats 
and the books are the books:

Gleis and Daughters! Go there to PURRchase the books 
from the dandiest cats with most catalogued looks!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 286 exclusive posts
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