Tear this country apart
It's going to tear this country apart You say this like it's a bad thing Lindsey Graham Mouthpiece of white supremacist patriarchy Disgrace of the South We are long past the time When we should have torn this country apart Like the lives of women and men are torn apart by sexual assault and rape - at the hands of police, prison guards, politicians, priests, and general scumbags Like the lives of people of color are torn apart by police killings, harassment, racist violence, institutional racism that makes it harder for them to go to school and get decent jobs Like the lives of millions are torn apart by a judicial system that imprisons people for addiction and possession of plants and then brutally traumatizes them, enslaves them to labor and create profit for private companies, Eventually throwing them back into society worse off than they were before Like the lives of children are torn apart, starving to death, living in shacks, without medical care and public schools that are utterly inadequate, at best training them to work at menial jobs and constantly struggling to survive Like the lives of LGBTQ people are torn apart by violence, prejudice and legal obstacles to rights Like the lives of immigrants are torn apart as their families are separated, incarcerated, exploited and harassed Like the lives of the elderly, disabled, and sick are torn apart by poverty, lack of access to medical care and support Like the planet is being torn apart, animals slaughtered, rivers polluted, and climate wrecked in the name of capitalist profit Tear this country apart Fucking do it so you, the people in power, feel one iota of the suffering everyone else faces on a daily basis Our lives are constantly being torn apart Let's tear this country apart to end the endless war machine and corporate profiteering We would do very well to tear this country apart when this is the state of the government and has really been the state of the government since it began Lindsey Graham might be mad that confronting Brett Kavanaugh might tear this country apart I hope he is right We need a movement to tear this country apart and tear the power from the hands of people who allow this status quo to continue unchecked and with total disregard for the survival and quality of life of millions.
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