Burst - New Sit Kitty Sit Video!
I am sorry I've been so quiet lately, beautiful Patrons.  At least you know it's because I am absolutely in planning mode and up to no good - I'll be writing a Patron-Only blog for you this weekend to get you caught up on everything that's going on.  It's a lot!   

In the meantime - check out this gorgeous video for Burst off of Tectonic.  You may recall from waaaay back when I first wrote this song that it was 

1. very emotional and 

2. an intense (meaning crazy fun) songwriting challenge

In order to capture the two distinct voices in my head during the worst part of my depression I wrote a single piece of music on the piano, then wrote two entirely different songs over it.  

I did this by writing the first song in the dark voice and then immediately recording it and walking away.  I didn't listen to the playback to even check for levels.  I did dishes and turned on a movie and refocused my energy for several hours until I couldn't remember at all what I had done.  I then went back to the recording and muted the first voice (only leaving the piano part) and wrote the second song from a positive voice.  When I had recorded the second voice I unmuted everything to see what I had.  Both the light and dark voices had portrayed themselves with their own distinct rhythm and phrasing.  That was how "Burst" was born - and it immediately made me start sobbing.   Ahh...as the song says, "healing still hurts"

xoxoxxoxo  --Kat