'The Nibelheim Incident' - free download
"In the remote mountainside town of Nibelheim, a mass disappearance of employees from a secure Shinra Corporation facility has raised serious concerns. Sent to investigate the incident, the legendary swordsman Sephiroth begins to unravel the mysteries of the Company’s presence in the region. It is only a matter of time before the horrific truth is revealed, setting in motion a chain of events that could see the ruin of all…"

The novella recounts the tragedy at Nibelheim in its entirety, told through the eyes of iconic characters including Cloud, Tifa, Zack, Hojo and the Turks. This project is an unofficial collaboration by fan creators from around the world, produced in association with KupoCon.

It is a genuine privilege for myself (author), Crimson Sun (chapter illustrations) and AJ Hateley (cover art) to present to you The Nibelheim Incident, a labour of love a year in the making. The novella was first launched at the KupoCon Pomathon event in Birmingham, UK on 8th September 2018, and was an overwhelming success. It is now available to the general public for free.

You will find below the eBook files in three separate formats:

- PDF (for standard use)
- ePub (for use with iBook, NOOK, etc)
- MOBI (for use with Kindle devices)

Please note that the Kindle edition does not contain Crim's chapter illustrations. The art can, however, be viewed in full here.

Please also note that paperback editions are currently exclusive to KupoCon attendees.

You can also read the full novella online here.

While the novella is 100% free, Crim, AJ and myself would greatly appreciate any support you are able to offer:

- Make a pledge to my Patreon here
- Make a pledge to Crimson Sun's Patreon here 
- Purchase luxury videogame merchandise from Gametee Ltd here 

A large selection of the novella's reviews can be found here, but below are a choice few:

“A lovingly crafted novelisation with gorgeous artwork that builds upon the world and stories of Final Fantasy VII. It would be very remiss of any fan of the game not to check this out.”

Dan Seto, former Square-Enix community manager

The Nibelheim Incident is a wondrous thing to behold…[that] can only be described as a fully-fledged and professionally-polished product. I was already aware of Mo’s writing abilities…and he has not disappointed with this latest addition to his unofficial fan-offered collective, supported by a stunning array of artwork from Crim and AJ… It was an honour to be able to present a platform for this and one can only hope for future offerings.”

Alex Maine, KupoCon lead organiser

“Mo, taking an intriguing moment from the lore, has crafted a tense, gripping tale. Throughout the book, beautiful illustrations from Crim further enhance the storytelling, and cover art from AJ helps create something truly special. A must-read for all Final Fantasy VII fans.”

Liam Mulvey, Final Fantasy XV’s Libertus Ostium

“In expanding an iconic moment in the Final Fantasy franchise, Mo effectively delivers a gripping and fresh narrative, building emotional depth and suspense. Being faithfully reverent to the canon and cohesively combining all FFVII Compilation material, you can easily forget that it is fan-written.”

Dan Hume, FinalFantasyForums.net

“Mo skilfully combines the Compilation variants into one neat narrative without the pain of contradictory aspects which has frustrated many a fan, and leaves the reader satisfied… This is surely set to become a highly collectible piece of fan literature.”

Mage, TheLifestream.net

We sincerely hope you enjoy the novella. If you'd like to learn more about the project and its creators, check out this stage interview conducted at the KupoCon Pomathon event.