What is Howlentine's Day?

Howlentine's Day. October 13th. 2/3 Halloween, 1/3 Valentine's Day. Celebrate the creepy/spooky/dark elements of love (and/or friendship). Or just use it as an excuse to pre-game Halloween.

How to celebrate

There's no prescribed way to celebrate Howlentine's Day, and even if there were, who would enforce it? Not this guy. That being said, I have some suggestions:

  • Give home-made or personalized greeting cards. Get weird/creepy/spooky with it (as long as you know the intended recipient will be cool with that).
    • Before the end of the week, I'll be posting download-and-print Howlentine's Day greeting cards for patrons in the Brain Owner tier and up.
  • Work on Halloween costumes together. This can easily be a date or a group activity with friends. Maybe your significant other and/or friends have ideas or materials that will make your costume even better.
  • Carve jack-o-lanterns. You don't have to use pumpkins.

Do you have other ideas? I'd love to hear them, and (with your permission) they could wind up in a follow-up post.

The history of the holiday

The idea for Howlentine's Day came to me on October 12th last year (2017)—it would have been nice of my brain to give me a little more advance notice, but that's never really been how my brain works.

Here's what I wrote on social media that day:

   OK everyone, I know this is short notice, but hear me out:
The word 'Febtober' popped into my head the other day.¹ It got me thinking about how I wish there was a hybrid holiday in October that took the good parts of Valentine's day and Halloweenified them. Instead of being on the 14th of the month, it seemed pretty obvious that it should be on the 13th...which is tomorrow.²
  So I'll be observing Howlentine's Day tomorrow in celebration of the combination of deep love and creepy weirdness that make my marriage so great. If you want to do the same, who knows? In a few years, this might become an actual thing.
¹ I guess because SNL's celebrity jeopardy made up a weirdly large amount of my comedy diet in high school.
² And this year happens to be a Friday the 13th, which is a nice bonus.

The reaction from friends and acquaintances was larger than I expected. Some echoed the hope that the holiday would become a thing, some said they'd be celebrating it themselves, and one friend even made a Howlentine's Day candy heart generator. You should really take a few minutes to follow that link and refresh the page a few (or, like, thirty) times. Note: edited to update the link.

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