Teenager Education
We have two boys at living home and they are currently ages 12 and 16 years old. If you ever had teenagers at home before you know they can be a challenge at times. If you have kids that are still young just wait. LOL

It is fun talking to parents with kids to ones that have kids that are grown up and out of the house now. It is nice sharing like stories and experiences. It can also be a learning experience. Then there are people that have never had kids before and never been married but they are experts at raising kids they think. Every situation can be different and so many things can influence each situation for sure.

When I lived in Minnesota I went to a seminar for Raising Teenagers. The speaker basically said that after ager 12 to adulthood they are consider young adults. He said they older they get they will pull away from their parents and friends will be more important to them. If this didn’t happen they would live at home for ever. LOL

The speaker also gave examples of his own life raising teenagers and how the older they get the more freedom you need to give them and let them make mistakes. He said though you can still have things that you wont bend on and other things you may not push the issue. For instance, eating a sandwich after school you may let ride even though it may ruin their appetite for supper but them saving 25% of all money they make you wont bend on. 

Bottom line we want our kids to be happy, healthy and successful adults when they get older. If you have kids or had kids please let us know your thoughts to the below questions on what your rules or standards would be;

- What age do you expect them to move out and be successful adults? Some say 3 to 6 months after done with schooling. We say if they are done with school then they need to start paying rent 3 months after school ends or move out.

- What curfew would you have for a 12-year-old? What curfew time for a 16-year-old? Some say 8pm to 10pm. Our town has a curfew of 10pm. We don’t let our 12-year-old go out after dark or after 8pm. Our 16-year-old is normally 10pm if he goes out.

- Would you require them to read educational books outside of school books daily? If so what did you require? Some say 20 minutes to an hour a day. We do family educational time and then we have books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, “Excuses Begone” and more that we want them to read before going out on their own.

- Would you require them to learn new skills such as computer programming outside of school? We ask them to learn an hour a day on the free coding websites.

- Would you require them to get a job when in Highschool? We currently don’t because they need to focus on school work that they are behind on.

- Would you require them to save money for college? We currently have them save 25% of any money they get from gifts to jobs for college. We put it in stocks. A family by us has their kids save 30% towards college and tide 15% to their church.

- How much screen time on fun stuff like Xbox, Cell Phone, YouTube, etc. would you allow each day? We give them an hour a day if they are caught up on homework and two hours on the weekend. We are not the best at enforcing this one. 

- Would you let your kids hang around Toxic friends? Some say no. This is a hard one. We haven’t been the best at this one.

- What are your food standards for the kids? We know they should eat two thirds fruits and vegetables but this one is a challenge also. What do you do?

- What would your fitness standards be for them? Some say they need to exercise 30 to 60 minutes a day. Our 12-year-old does each hour a day but the 16-year-old is a challenge.

- Would your kids have chores? Our kids do have daily and weekly chores but don’t do them a 100%.

- Would they be required to make their bed daily? We ask them to but they don’t hardly ever do it.

- Do you require them to go to Church weekly? We show them Joel Osteen videos when we can’t make it to church.

- Do you require them to have good manners? We work on this daily but I wonder if we are making any progress on it.

- What life shills would you teach them? We teach them everything from Balancing a checkbook, to saving, investing, renting a apartment, budgets, jobs, interviews, cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, repair things around the house, car repairs and more.

- What age do you stop financially help your kids? Some say 16, some say 18 and some say after college. This is a tough one. We are planning on after they are age 18 but they can live at home till done with college or vocational school.

What other areas do you feel are really important when raising kids? We talk to them also about sex, drugs, alcohol and peer pressure. We want them comfortable to ask us anything.

Send me any positive quotes that you like that could help others feed their minds with positive things.

Here is a positive quote I like; “Remind yourself daily that there is no way to happiness; rather, happiness is the way.” ― Wayne W. Dyer, Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao

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