Your Mortality Is Your Freedom — Not A Curse.
“Whatever your response to these words is, you are the creator of that response.”

Today’s article explores how free will is the basis of our creatorship and how the freedom of that will is infinite. Because of how this does not allow any room for victim mentality this is a fairly advanced text. I suggest taking it slowly to reap the full benefits of the perspective it offers.

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How Your Choices Express Infinite Freedom.
Our mortality, despite its containment, is an expression of freedom — the freedom of infinite-consciousness to limit itself. All that we experience as limitation, when understood from the level of eternal-consciousness, is seen to express our freedom to be. To know you are eternal-consciousness in physical form (as opposed to a temporary physical form that has developed consciousness) is to realize all that you ever experience is of your own creation, and you are free to personally create anything.

When human, it appears that we can oppose each other. However, because we all arise from a unified, eternal state of consciousness, this is an illusion. Just as you cannot truly oppose yourself, so we cannot “really” oppose each other. All that appears as opposition is an agreement between both parties to create (the illusion of) an experience of opposition.

ELABORATION: This is the same as saying that eternal-consciousness does not have the ability to hate. Only within embodied form — which is formed through forgetting we are all one — can we believe we hate something simply for being what it is. However, what is always discovered is that hate is always based on blindness and, when that blindness is addressed, the hate will evaporate. We cannot therefore “really” hate each other; we can only pretend to (by temporarily blinding ourselves).

Despite how you cannot create in a way that violates the free will of another, this is not a limit to your power of creation — for you are an expression of the consciousness within all selves. When our collective nature is understood, it is seen that either all are free or none are free; therefore…

To choose freedom for yourself is to choose freedom for ALL.

Within the complete realization of your personal freedom is your desire for ALL wills to be free — for that is the desire of yourself to be free.

In this reality, although we are all one, we experience ourselves as being separate. Being human flows from the choice we made — as eternal-consciousness — to experience ourselves within the separation of individuality. This separation is expressed through many dualistic dimensions. Polarized perception allows us to perceptually divide whatever is perceived (which is to create separation within it). This is experienced as both separation from each other and as the separation between our inner-self and our outer reality.

At their root, the inner and outer are just one thing — the illusion of separation.

This separation grants us our individuality through the positive choice to focus ourselves upon whatever we want to experience / be. However, it is also possible to experience the division as a negative choice that limits our being. We are never, however, “really” limited, because even what we experience as limits are of our own choosing. And how can something be a limitation if it is freely chosen?

EXAMPLE: Gravity is a limitation we all share. To understand consciousness as the basis for reality is to realize that we collectively created / designed the gravity we experience as a part of the choice to incarnate in an embodied, physical reality. Gravity is not, therefore, a limit that has been imposed upon you by an external force — it is your personal choice.

Your mind / ego may want to challenge gravity and say, “If I am truly free and infinite I must be able to move things with my mind!” However, your consciousness knows gravity as a choice it is currently making as a part of its choice to be human. And, as with all limits, it does not view gravity as a compromised choice, or as a limit that is “unfortunately” necessary; when the infinite nature of consciousness is understood, it is seen there is never any need to compromise as we are infinite through our choice to be.

To accept what you perceive as your limitations is to willingly work within the limitations you have chosen because, although you may not remember clearly why you chose the specific details of this life, you can come to know / trust that you chose the focus of your life from a state of consciousness with perception far broader than you currently have access to.

Therefore, if you wish to levitate an object, the best way to do it is to pick it up. To try to do it with your mind, to prove to yourself that you are infinite-consciousness, is to deny your choice to experience a physical reality.

Those that seek to levitate or never die are exploring their own denial of form — not an enlightened realization of what it is to be human.

To want to be human is to want to experience gravity. If you really wanted to be human, but without a particular limit (such as gravity or physical pain), then you would be in a reality where those conditions existed (because there are infinite forms of life). To know you are free, is to know that every element of humanity is connected to your choice to be human. There is nothing here that you accepted from a place of compromising what you “really” wanted to experience. Everything here is what you “really” wanted to experience — no exceptions.

You gave yourself biological form for a reason — instead of fighting the qualities of physicality, learn to love them as that is to love yourself. There are so many ways you can choose to convince yourself that you are not the creator of your reality. These are all expressions of your freedom to deny your creatorship and remain in the full experience of mortality. It is a completely valid and reasonable choice to deny your eternal-nature as this denial creates a remarkable flavor of beingness.

There is no mistake in denying your eternal / infinite nature. To deny your creatorship is as valid as recognizing it. If this were not so, you would not be free. If you do not want to experience the realization of your eternal nature, then nothing can make you realize it.

The choice is always yours — that is your freedom.

It cannot be proven that you are the creator of your reality because that would be the ability to violate your freedom to not see your creatorship. Whatever your response to these words is, you are the creator of that response. I am not here to convince you that you are eternal, infinite consciousness because I know you are perfect just as you are — regardless of your response to these words.

If you need to be convinced, then only you can convince yourself. The need to be convinced is the choice to experience a barrier. And every word you read will be interpreted through that choice and will therefore reflect it. This life is not a test and awakening is not a goal. You need not realize you are eternal-consciousness (God) in this life to succeed or gain access to somewhere else. There is no test or mission; there is just the choice of what to be.

There can be no proof that takes you from not realizing your infinite nature to realizing it. However, once you realize it, due to the clarity of your perception, then it will become clearly evident to you (yet paradoxically, it will still be without physical evidence). If your power of creation could be proven, then your freedom, and that is to say your creatorship, would be limited. It is integral to freedom that freedom is a choice (as without freedom being a choice, there is no experience of freedom).

If you could not choose to experience limitation, then freedom would be a cage.

To realize yourself as the creator of your reality is something you must decide for yourself; you must choose to awaken as it cannot be imposed upon you through any amount of conviction or evidence. The choice for freedom is the choice to step out of a cage. When inside the cage, we hope that the potential for freedom we feel flowing within our hearts, will take down the bars of our cage and pull us out.

The human desire to “be saved” does not have to come from another person saving us; it can also be within the desire for proof to save us. They are both the desire to be saved by something external to us (which is a denial of our creatorship). To stand in your power (which is the complete realization of your infinite-nature) is to realize that you are you, the cage is you, and the freedom that calls to you from outside of the cage is you (your hopes and dreams).

Only you can walk out of the cage you are in; for you are the creator of its limits. If you want to be rescued, you must rescue yourself.

This is not because “the universe” is uncaring; it is because you are the only one caging yourself. You are the creator. You are that which chooses. You are the jailer and the prisoner, the hero and the villain, the victim and the abuser, of all your dramas. Therefore, complete self-responsibility is needed in order to know yourself as the creator of your own reality. As long as you blame, or see yourself as a victim of your circumstances, then you cannot know yourself fully as the creator of your reality.

To experience the freedom inherent to your being, it must be chosen; and so it is for the love that you are, the joy that you are, and the freedom that you are.

We are each eternal-consciousness (God). This is my knowing.

But whatever your resistance to that idea is, it is up to you to face it if you are ready to be free of the limits created by that resistance. Only you can choose to let in the joy, freedom, and love that the realization contains. To be free is a choice. It is the choice I seek to embody and describe through my writing. To be free is the choice before you — in this moment and in every moment.