Oct 2018 – Sing 'n' Strum

Thanks for all the suggestions for the October 2018 UKE NIGHT. I have complied 22 songs and the first draft is attached below. As you are our beloved patron, you are the first to receive the songbook. I've tried to include a song from every person who has offered a suggestion. Let me know if I've missed something and thanks so much for your contributions and support for our monthly event. 

For the October 2018 UKE NIGHT, we have issued the 'Turkey In The Straw Challenge' see video here. Tab and Practice tracks attached below.  

Click here for the Uketorial. Good Luck!

BTW I've been working away on a solo version of 'Turkey In The Straw'... it's coming along quite well. I should be good to go by the end of the month. Stay tuned. I hope I see you tomorrow evening at Mullum Uke Club. 7pm start.

All the best STU

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