Cleansing, Warding, and Uncrossing

 House cleansing

You will need a black seven-day candle, a white seven-day candle, and some holy water (ie, blessed salt water) that you have made or bought, plus a sprig of rosemary, basil, or fennel (or all three tied together if you like) or any three cleansing herbs, some bay rum, Van Van oil, and salt.

First, light the black candle and let it burn for a while.  This is to absorb negative energy.     

Physically clean, but first put down salt in all the corners.  Put bay rum (or other cleansing mixture, you can use Van Van in water for most of these things) on a cloth and tie over the end of your broom; sweep down each corner.  Sweep the floors, including sweeping up the salt, then mop with Van Van oil and some of the cleansing herbs in the water, mopping from the back of the house to the front.   If you have carpet, put some of the Van Van oil in a jar with baking soda and let it sit until the oil has permeated it, then use as a carpet cleaning sprinkle.

Sprinkle the holy water on all of the doors, windows, mirrors, and other openings (fireplace, drains, etc.) counter-clockwise.    

Light the white candle.  This is to fill the house with good energy and send back any negative energy being sent to you.   Now go around the house clockwise, asperging all of the openings with the herbs dipped either in spring water, rain water, or the holy water again.   (You can add Florida water or Kananga water if you wish).

Observe the candles as they burn.   Do they burn brightly or dimly, is there a lot of smoke on the glass? etc.   If they burn bright, good.  Low is also fine as long as they don't go out.  Lots of smoke means lots of resistance; if the candle breaks or goes out, you need to start over and do an uncrossing first.   If it just goes out you can start over and re-light it, if it breaks get a new candle.     


Make a “witch bottle” that has pins, broken glass, string, anything sharp or tangly or distracting.  Ideally it should be filled with bits of this and that from around your house, though buying pins and needles new for it is acceptable.   (The jar can be small, but should be full to the top)  The REALLY traditional ones are next filled with urine, but ammonia is a fairly traditional substitute.  It should then be hidden somewhere in your home; people often buried them under the doorstep or put them in the walls, but anywhere people aren't going to poke around and find it is fine.

Set small mirrors facing outward and/or shiny things in your windows.   Wind chimes are perfectly good; so are interesting homemade contraptions made of aluminum pieces.   Some places in the South you will still see “bottle trees” which are small trees or bushes with colored glass bottles over the ends of the branches.

Use oil to anoint your doors, doorjambs, and sills with solar crosses.  Blessing oil or Van Van oil are good, but olive oil, sweet oil or palm oil will do.

Cleansing bath

 2 white candles (can be any size), holy water, a few drops of Van Van oil.

It should be as hot as you can stand it.  These aren't “soap” baths; take a shower first if you need to wash your hair or whatever.  Pour the water over your head and all over your body at least three times.  Step out between the two lit candles and let the water dry on your skin.   Take a bucket of the wash water and pour it out at the roots of a tree or towards the rising sun.

The simplest involves a cut lemon and salt arranged around a white candle dressed with Van Van or Blessing oil.  If that's not enough, rosemary, rue, and poke root are also good...poke is more for breaking actual curses rather than crossed conditions, but the line between those can sometimes be blurry.  Do this simultaneously with a bath and floor wash along similar lines (use three or five or seven ingredients) for maximum effectiveness.  As mentioned, if you run into trouble while cleansing, do an uncrossing then start over.  Always start small and simple with the least amount of effort, then work your way up the scale.  It's also more powerful to do the work yourself than to ask another person or a divinity for help, but sometimes that's necessary.

You can get a bottle of Van Van oil that I made if you pledge $20 or $50 before November 1; after that a limited amount will be available for purchase.  If you've tried these steps and are still getting signals that it's not enough, I do consultations by phone, e-mail, or Skype.  

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