Golf Channel AM Tour Update
If you play golf and like to play competitive golf then possible look in to Golf Channel AM Tour. I have played on the Iowa Tour, Minnesota Tour and now currently I just joined the Arizona Tour.

The AM Tour is flighted by handicaps so you can golf with people at your level. It is a competitive format and fun. They make you feel like the Pros. You play nice courses. They have local one day tournaments, two day major tournaments and then could can qualify to play at Nationals. Also if you want to you can plan in other states also, you aren’t tied to just your state.

Each tournament you can will a trophy, gift cards and also skins money if you enter skins. Skins is optional to enter at each tournament. 

I joined Golf Now VIP program this year because not only the $200 benefits of money towards golf rounds. Also they have many other benefits including you save $100 towards your AM Tour Membership. So it cost $199 to join Golf Now but I saved $100 from AM Tour entry and got $200 in money to use towards my practice rounds for my tournaments upcoming.

When dealing with handicaps for the AM Tour this year things have changed some. You used to post all your practice rounds on the AM Tour website but now only tournament rounds will be posted for your tour index on the AM Tour website. You will have to post other rounds to your normal handicap tracking website. I use the Free website called “”. I like Free.

The new software company running the AM Tour website is called Golf Genius Software. It took me a while to get used to it when signing back up and getting started. It should be easier the more I use it.

When you filled out your membership information you were asked for an index and to select a flight that corresponded to your index. This is where you will start since you have a verifiable index. As you play in tournament you will generate a Tour Index that will replace your other index once you meet the minimum rounds. The tour index will be what the flight designation will eventually be.

Here is more about your Handicap Index from the AM Tour website:

Am I required to have a USGA Handicap Index?

Yes. If you have an active USGA Handicap Index® that we can view to verify, we will use that to initially place you into a flight to begin to compete. However, if you do not have an index, you would need to get one before we can ‘flight’ you to compete. There are many options for handicaps depending on the area that you live. Some of the popular ones are GHIN, Handicomp, Golfnet, TheGrint, etc.

Here is a sample from when you enter a local tournament in Arizona and what it says;


18-hole stroke play championship.  All entries are on a first come, first served basis


The Tournament will be an 18-hole Stroke Play Championship open to all current Tour Members. This event is closed to guests. This WILL be a double tee start.

Entry fee includes green fees, cart fees, range balls, trophies, scoring, and prize fund. An optional $20 skins game will be made available to interested players at check-in.

On-site registration and check-in will begin one hour before the first tee time. All participants are required to check-in at least 25 minutes prior to their starting time. Registration and scoring will be held in or near the main Clubhouse

Starting times, locations and pairings will be emailed to each Tour Player and posted online at least 4 days in advance of the tournament. All players should be at their assigned tee a minimum of 5 minutes in advance of their start time. Starters will have information to discuss and distribute to each player in the group. Starters/course will not page players to the tee.

* In the event of a tie for 1st place, an on-course playoff will commence immediately following conclusion of regular play.

*Payouts will be awarded to (approximately) the top 30% of each flight

*Trophies will be awarded to Event Champions


$130, credit card only.


The registration deadline is normally the Monday before the event at Noon Mountain Standard Time. No late entries will be accepted and players are encouraged to register in a timely manner as registration is on a 1st come, 1st served basis. All 2014-2018 events sold out well in advance of the deadline. If you want to play, register well before the deadline.


$25 BEFORE close of registration for the event.
NO REFUND AFTER close of registration for the event 


So if you like to play competitive golf with like minded golfers then maybe try out Golf Channel AM Tour. I have met a lot of good friends over the years from the tour. Also I am not getting paid anything for doing this review on the AM Tour. Wish I was. LOL I plan on playing many more years down the road as long as my health and budget allows it. I still have a competitive drive and like the feelings you get when in a tournament. 

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