The Young Protectors - Ch 3, Page 121

Yeah, you should’ve know that. And a whole lotta other things, Duncan… I have a new Milestone Goal! The first two Spooky Jones short stories were so popular, I’ve decided to create another one! The new short story shows him solving one of his first cases when he was just 15. It’s a big chunk of story, even more than last time, and it’s packed with action and danger for our young Occult Private Detective. Curious what Spooky is like on his “other job”? Wonder what he was like just months after he returned from Hell? If we hit $7,250/month in support (just $52/month away!), you’ll get to find out! So! This is what winning feels like, huh? Duncan sure doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it much. What will it take to put a smile on this man’s face? Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :)

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